Toronto GTA Branch Meeting, January 4, 2019

Stan Buday, Andrea Agh, Nuşin Brown, Yvonne Snaddon, Roy Philip, Yu Gao, Alice Da Silva

Absent: Kuini Chuen, Stephan Moushian, Scott Thompson, Chris Ouslis

Opening: Welcome by Stan Buday at 6:00 pm. Motion made by Stan, seconded by Andrea to approve the agenda. Agenda was approved.

Review of September meeting minutes: Motion to approve minutes made by Andrea, Yvonne seconded. Motion passed.

Financial Review: Bank balance is XXX. Visibility items were purchased in December. Deposit was put on for the networking event site.

GTA Branch AGM: AGM is scheduled for March 27th at the Granite Brewery. Stan to invite the Ontario Regional Director and Sara Guillaumant-Fitzgerald, ERO, to talk about cannabis at the workplace.

Review of planning calendar: The next executive meeting to be held late February. Stan will send a Doodle poll to select a date. Please ensure you reply to the Doodle poll. 

Lunch and Learns: Info session for DRDC to be held in February for EWSP.

Signatories: Current signatories are Stan, Roy, Yvonne and Andrea. Signatories to be re-decided at the AGM, after the elections.

Networking Events: The networking event will be held at The Jester on January 17th.  Stan put down a deposit. We can also look at focused smaller networking events geared only to members at a particular location.

Roundtable: Registration for parks will be open soon. Andrea will look into booking a park for the picnic. Different venues will be considered. Sunday July 21st or 28th are possible dates.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm, Stan made a motion. Next meeting will be held late February, date TBD.