GTA Branch Planning Meeting, June 11, 2019

Stan Buday Yvonne Snaddon Stephan Moushian Nuşin Brown (Secretary)

Kuini Chuen Andrea Agh Roy Philip Yu Gao

Nang Quach Joanna Welby


Absent: Alice Da Silva 


Opening: Welcome by Stan Buday at 6:20 pm. 


Agenda was approved.


Review of planning meeting minutes 2018 (includes budget review): 



2018 Branch AGM XXX

Executive meetings XXX (4 meetings) XXX was reimbursed, we spent XXX

Networking Events XXX

Branch Picnic XXX (Environment Branch contributed XXX, CS subgroup paid XXX)

Office Supplies XXX

Steward Appreciation XXX (6 people attended)

Retirement seminar and lunch and learns XXX – they did not take place

XXX was spent on visibility items. XXX was budgeted.


Review of branch calendar from 2018: 

Summer social took place on July 4th.  

Picnic was held on July 29th at West Deane Park

Exec meeting was held October 10th. 

Steward appreciation dinner was on Oct 11th at Megas. 

Stan met with CFIA in December

Retirement seminar did not happen. 

Winter social was held on January 18th. 

Executive meeting was held January 24th 

Lunch and Learns did not happen. 

Action items were completed. Mailing lists were given out. Contact information was updated, roles were assigned.


Financial Report: Current balance is XXX.  XXX for 2019 allocation was received. 

Budget planning 2019: 

XXX for networking events

XXX for picnic

XXX for lunch n learns

XXX for steward appreciation

XXX for exec meetings (over and above what PIPSC refunds)


XXX for office supplies

XXX for promotional items

Organize different activities like a bowling night or going to a sporting event such as Blue Jays, Marlies or Argos. Members would have to RSVP for tickets.


Action Items: 

For sporting event tickets Yvonne will check Blue Jays, Stephane Marlies, Joanna Argos

Stan will look into a venue for the Summer social to take place July 4th

Branch priorities: Priorities from last year were reviewed. New priorities are:

• Info sessions

• Geographically organized networking events

• Rands

Branch calendar 2019:

Meet and Greet CFIA – Late June

Summer Social:   July 4, Stan to Organize

Ad Hoc conference calls to organize picnic, mid-July, Nuşin to setup

Annual Picnic:    Sunday July 28th at Rennie Park

Labour Day Parade September 2, All to attend if possible

Exec Meeting – August 28th (alternate date September 19th or 20th tentatively)

Lunch n Learn – Late September/October

Steward Appreciation Dinner, Thursday October 24th

Executive Meeting – December 4th

Group Sporting events - TBD

Winter Networking social – January 9, 2020 (Post holiday winter blues)

Exec Meeting – February 6th

Lunch and Learn – TBD

AGM – March 26, 2020


Action Items: 

• For the picnic, Yvonne to contact Jungle Justin, Andrea to look for a face painter

• Joanna to look into ice cream truck

• Nuşin to send out task list spreadsheet

• Andrea to talk to Bill about contribution from EC

• Andrea to setup Executive meetings

• Yvonne to look up locations for the AGM

• Nang to look into purchasing of visibility items

• Yvonne will ask Alice to look after Rands

Officer roles and responsibilities:  

Secretary Nuşin Brown

Treasurer Roy Philip/Alice Da Silva

Communications Officer Yu Gao

Membership Officer Yvonne Snaddon

Yvonne made a motion to have the Communications Officer send notices to all lists.

Yu will send out all communications to all members.


Action Items:

• Stephan to get new mailing list from PIPSC for the GTA Branch.

• Yu to update contact information of all Executive members

• Yu to update contact information on PIPSC website.

• Yu to manage the whole new email list to ensure consistent member communication.

• Yvonne to send out link for Google drive and will ask everyone what email to link it to


All Executive members to delete their old member lists upon receipt of new email lists.


New Business: Nang Quach will fill the 1 year term left by Chris Ouslis. Stan made a motion, Yvonne seconded.


Round Table:  No items were brought forward


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm. Stan made a motion. Next meeting will be held August 28th. Location TBA.