GTA Branch Annual General Meeting, June 21, 2022


Stan Buday (President)           Andrea Agh (Vice President)             Kuini Chuen   

Alice Da Silva                         Nuşin Brown (Secretary)                    Roy Philip (Treasurer)

Faron Moses                          Judy Chow                                         Yu Gao

Vini Khurana                          Albert Suphal                                      Stan Chow

Elliot Law                               Sherry Bahaw                                     Anthony Lostracco                

Keri Kwong                            Napol Shalvardjian                             Delores Sui    

Ralph Leigh                            John Purdie                                       George Georgopoulos

Nicole Henshaw                     Kristen Soogrim                                 Nathanael Mathi

David Darling                         James Ooi                                          Viktors Kulnieks

Tom Belyk                              David Yeung                                       Mike Wetoszka

Andrew Bradley                     Jenny Zhang                                       Amrita Kaur Singh

Nhu Nguyen                           Cory Kisaka                                        Mohammad Sajjad Ghaemi


Opening: Welcome by Stan Buday at 6:15 pm. Stan introduced the GTA Branch Executive.

Motion to accept the Agenda: Moved by Nuşin, Seconded by Faron Moses, Carried

Motion to accept the 2019 AGM Minutes: Moved by Ralph Leigh, Seconded by Tom Belyk,


For the 2022 GTA Branch AGM, a link to the 2019 AGM minutes was sent with AGM RSVP responses.

President’s Report – Stan Buday:  

  • The previous GTA Branch AGM was held on April 23, 2019
  • Steward Council was held in September
  • We held 3 oversubscribed retirement sessions by Zoom Fall of 2021 and in the Winter.
  • The 2022 Strategic planning session will be held in July.

We were unable to hold our regular social events over the pandemic. We may start doing more community-based events post pandemic. Our number one issue is member engagement. We try to reach out to our members in large areas. We are planning to hold a family event at the zoo instead of our regular picnic, we will ramp up branch activity.

Many groups have started bargaining. The IT group is going the arbitration route. Non-monetary proposals such as family related leave are always discussed before the monetary proposals. PSAC is currently at an impasse with Treasury Board due to an unacceptable offer. Their bargaining may set the trend. All groups will work closely together for strategic bargaining, to find common ground with the intent to cause no harm to each other. We had a central table the last round. The AFS group opted out of the central table. We are opposed to a wage increase brought to the central table. PSAC bargaining will have an impact on other groups. Bargaining can only work with member support. We need member engagement for solidarity.

Consider becoming a steward. It is not detrimental to your career. You learn skills.

Financial Report – Roy Philip: An AGM must be held in order to receive the yearly allocation from PIPSC. The last AGM was held in 2019. The 2020 allocation was received. A social event was held in February 2020 just before the pandemic shutdown. We held retirement seminars in 2021.

In 2019, expenses were incurred for the Branch AGM, Executive meetings, networking events, lunch & learns, the GTA Branch family picnic, visibility items and steward appreciation.

In person events were not held during the shutdown. Online retirement seminars were offered to members in the Fall and Winter.

Motion to accept the financial report. Moved by Andrea. Seconded by Kuini. Carried.

Elections facilitated by George Georgopoulos:

Vice-President (2-year term)

Kuini Chuen was nominated. Position acclaimed.

Up for election: Andrea Agh, Nuşin Brown, Kuini Chuen, Yu Gao and Yvonne Snaddon

Andrea and Yvonne stepped down.

No email nominations were received in advance for Members at Large or Vice President

5 Member at Large (4 positions for a 2-year term, 1 position for a 1-year term) positions are available.

Alice Da Silva, Stephan Moushian, Nang Quach and Roy Philip are in the 2nd year of a 2-year term.

The President position has 1 year left. Other positions will be decided upon at the Strategic Planning Meeting.

Elections 2023 will require a ballot for President and 4 members at large.

Kuini nominated Nicole Henshaw, Nathanael Mathi and Keri Kwong

Nuşin nominated herself, Kuini seconded

Delores Sui and Yu Gao were nominated

Nathanael Mathi, Yu Gao, Nicole Henshaw, Nuşin Brown, and Keri Kwong were elected

Andrea made a motion to destroy the ballots, Kuini Chuen seconded

Motion to close elections by Judy Chow, Yu Gao seconded

Ontario Region Director John Purdie:  John Purdie joined the AGM via Zoom and was introduced by Stan Buday. John has been active in the AFS group. He has been chairing the Ontario Regional Council (ORC) for the last 7 years. John gave an overview of PIPSC structure.

  • PIPSC has the legacy fund that offers scholarships and bursaries to members’ families.
  • There are 4 different types of PIPSC members. A regular member can hold office, vote and can be a steward. Participation of retired members is limited.  
  • Corporate structure of PIPSC consisting of groups, regions, consultation, and guild were explained. There are 6 regions across Canada. They are responsible from training of stewards. Branches work closely with subgroups.
  • The Ontario Region Executive has 10 elected members.
  • Being a steward makes one better informed and supports the branch. (Next steward training session will be offered October 2022)
  • The Board has several standing committees, members are encouraged to become committee members. PIPSC follows current issues and provides services.

A question-and-answer period was held.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you will be facing next year?

A: The new work model, hybrid model is the biggest challenge. How will we support this? Stewards are not seeing the members in person. EROs will be offered the hybrid model as well.

Q: Can you touch on the legacy fund?

A: It is scholarships, bursaries, and awards for family members. Last year 32 scholarships worth 56,000 was awarded. This was made possible by generous donation of members and sponsors.


A draw was made for door prizes.

As President, Stan Buday thanked everyone for attending the AGM and made a motion to adjourn. Judy Chow seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.