Ottawa Centreville Branch (OCB)

OCB Executive Meeting Minutes. January 21, 2023.


Location: Salon Executives Boardroom.

Hilton Lac Leamy.

Meeting starts: 9:00 a.m.


In Attendance: Michael Kenny, Brian Hassall, Susan Amog-Hassall, Michelle Tran, Zul Nanji, Tom Iwinski, Andrew Wigmore, Abraham Garcia, April Chen, Andra Weis, Art Iwinski.


Regrets: None.



1. Michael declared quorum and called meeting to order at 9:12 a.m.


2. Agenda was provided in advance electronically. Michael asked if there are any other items to include to the agenda. There were no other items proposed. Michael put the motion to approve the agenda and seconded by Zul. The agenda was approved.


3. The OCB Executives reviewed and discussed the OCB Annual General Meeting (AGM) Draft Minutes from 21 September 2022. After a short discussion there was a motion by Michael and seconded by Zul to approve the Minutes. The OCB AGM Draft Minutes were approved and will be emailed to PIPSC for translation and posting on the PIPSC website. Michael asked if there are any items from the Minutes to discuss. No item to discuss.


OCB Executive Meeting Minutes from November 21, 2022, and December 19, 2022; (collectively Minutes) - provided electronically.


4. The OCB Executives reviewed and discussed the Minutes. After a short discussion and small editing there was a motion by Abraham, seconded by Andrew to approve the Minutes. Motion carried.


5. Treasurer report. Abraham provided and presented financial reports. After the presentation and answering all questions, he put the motion to approve the 2022 Budget as a draft for this year OCB AGM presentation, seconded by Andra. Motion carried. There was a motion by Brian, seconded by Michelle to postpone the 2024 Budget discussion to next meeting. Motion carried.


6. Committees reports.

          Michelle provided an update on PIPSC finance policy.

          Zul provided an update on important election policy changes.


          The OCB executives agreed to designate Michelle Tran as a signing officer and add her to the existing 4 signing officers.

7. Visibility items were discussed. Tom identified the two items purchased in December 2022 for visibility and to be provided in 2023 for our various in-person member events, including the AGM. We had spent double the budgeted amount as we were gearing up for many in-person activities. The budget would be reduced again to $2,000 for 2023 spending to be aligned with the budgeted amount approved at the previous AGM.


8. Guest Speaker. Jennifer Carr the President of PIPSC provided updates Returning to the Workplace. She highlighted that employer’s return to workplace plan should be safe, flexible, fair and clear.


After the President’s presentation the meeting was adjourned by Michael at 11:59 for one hour break.


After the break Michael declared quorum at 1:05 p.m.


9. During the brainstorming session the following OCB planning events were proposed for the upcoming year.


Event Name

Executives Responsible

OCB AGM– September


Retirement - 5 English and 2 French


Wills & Estate - 3 English, bilingual possible


Health Plan - 2 sessions - virtual


Planning Session 


CPA course/children (10-15) virtual






Volunteers Appreciation


Movie event


Wave Pool 2 events (slushie/popcorn)


Stewards Appreciation Billiards at Dooley's


Ice Cream truck 1 summer (if at work)




10. Committee members were provided as per below from each committee chair. The core executive should be invited to each committee meeting held, do not need to attend though.


There was no other business to be discussed.


11. Michael adjourned the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 4:26 p.m.


Addendum to the Minutes.


List of the Committee members.


  • Learning Committee members: Susan - chair, Lee Cunningham, Michelle Tran, Art Iwinski, April Chen.
  • Finance Committee: Michelle – chair, Zul, Andrew.
  • Social Committee: Andrew – chair, Tom, Mike.
  • Outreach Committee, Andra – chair, Susan, Art.
  • By-law Committee, Zul – chair, Michelle.