Meeting Minute
Monday June 14, 2017
11:45 am – 1:00 pm
Mystico Restaurant, Ottawa

Present :
Steve Anderson
Christian Baillargeon
Jean Boulet
Manuel Cruz
Nick Schonning
Dong Xiao
Margaret Carrothers (invited guest)

1.    Greetings and call to order.
The President, Steve Anderson, called the meeting to order at 12:00 pm.

2.    Review and approval of agenda.
a.    Added an item, creation of a new Member at large position
b.    Motion to approve the agenda made by Christian.
c.    Second by Steve
Motion approved by all.

3.    Creation of a new Member at large position
a.    Margaret Carrothers was present, proposed and accepted.
i.    Motion to approve made by Steve
ii.    Second by Christian
Approved by all.

4.    Upcoming events.
a.    Summer
i.    Ice cream event was proposed plus adding other unions for better visibility and cost splitting.
Mid-August or early fall.
ii.    Steve may be promoted to another department.
b.    Fall
i.    Pizza lunch before or after charitable campaign (GCWCC) Mid-October or so as the Guy Bélisle will not be available. To book the room we need Staff Relations permission.
ii.    We could reach out and extend the invitation to other unions.

5.     CS bargaining update.
a.    There is an offer on the table
b.    Contracting out will be more looked.
c.    It will have to be justified and PIPSC will be notify.

6.    Roundtable

7.    Next meeting post AGM, date TBD

8.    Adjournment.
a.    Motion to adjourn was made by Jean Boulet at 1:10 pm.
b.    Seconded by Manuel Cruz
c.    Motion adopted.