EXECUTIVE MEETING – 17 July 2017, 17:00h-20:00h,

@ 1525 Bank Street



Hugette Chevrier – ERO and special guest

Jean Ouelette – ERO and guest

Glen Schjerning – President

Lynn Mayes – Vice President

John Eng – Treasurer

David Topp – Secretary (absent)

Adam Gray – Member at Large (absent)

Olivia Leung – Member at Large

Natalia Kim - Member at Large

Olga Botygina – Member at Large

Rebecca Mardell – Member at Large

David Sutherland – Member at Large

Jennifer Carr – Member at Large

James Kuang – Friend

Angelo Guglielmo - Friend

Sherry Oake – Friend

Saeed Toolabi – Friend

Echo Xu – Friend

Kevser Taymaz – Friend

Fred Ma - Friend

-The meeting was called to order at 17:15h, at 1525 Bank Street, on 17 July 2017.

-Glen Schjerning, the Branch president, welcomed the executive members in attendance, friends of the executive in attendance, and our two very special guest Jean Ouellette and Huguette Chevrier.  Huguette will be retiring from PIPSC shortly.  She was presented with a Home Depot gift Certificate from the Branch, as well as flowers for her husband.

-The proposed agenda was adopted without any changes.

-The Branch Constitution was discussed.   The Branch is using the generic constitution for Branches.  All members of the executive were urged to become familiar with this document.

-Branch Capital assets were reviewed.  The DND LSTL Branch had no capital assets.  The DND NCR Branch had some banners (now with the wrong branch name) and a very old laptop.  It was agreed to write off these capital assets as zero value.  We now have no capital assets.   We have no firm plans to acquire any capital assets. 

-The PIPSC Calendar was reviewed for the foreseeable 6 months. 

i) NCR Steward Council, 29 & 30 Sept 2017.  All stewards were encouraged to register for the upcoming Regional Stewards.  There are over 50 DND stewards eligible in the NCR.  It was agreed that the Branch would fund a hospitality suite (Murphy Suite) 29 Sept 2017, and provide beverages and snacks.  Cost estimated at $500.00

ii) NCR Stewards School, 2-4 Nov 2017.  All PIPSC stewards were encouraged to register when registration becomes available.  Space will be limited.

iii) PIPSC National AGM, 16-18 Nov 2017.  Delegates have already been identified.  The executive unanimously supported sponsoring Kevser Taymaz as an observer.  Kevser has been a longtime supporter of her previous branch, including volunteering at branch events.  No salary compensation would be required, as Kevser is retired.  The Branch agreed to cover any costs, such as hotel room (if required).  The executive agreed that no other observers would be funded by the branch.

iv)  An AGM for the branch is required with 15 months of the last AGM, which was in January 2017.  Glen Schjerning was given authorization to book an AGM at the Hilton Lac Leamy in January 2018.

-Branch Elections Committee.  There will be a need to have an election in 2018 for a VP, a secretary and three members at large.  The branch constitution allows a bit of latitude as to how his will be conducted.  The Executive agreed that at the 2018 AGM.  Up for re-election are the  a VP Lynn Mayes, the secretary, David Topp and three members at large Rebecca Mardell, David Sutherland and Jennifer Carr.  The executive decided that at the 2018 AGM we would first elect a VP to a two year term, then elect a secretary to a two year term, and then elect three members at large each for a two year term.  Natalia Kim was selected as the chairperson for the elections committee.  Olga Botygina and Olivia Leung will also serve on the elections committee.

-The May 2017 Retirement Planning session was reviewed.  This was a very successful event, held in an evening at PIPSC HQ.  Over 80 members attended.  The catering bill was presented to the executive.  It was much more expensive than had been expected.  It was agreed that for all future Branch events that better cost control would be practiced.

-John Eng provided a review of the 2017 and 2018 budgets, and the expenses to date in 2017.  The branch is in strong financial shape.  We agreed to same roughly ¼ of what is in the bank for the early months of 2018 (when an AGM will take place, and prior to our 2018 allotment being received).  The Branch President asked all persons attending the meeting to mull over how best to spend the remaining funds, this calendar year, in ways that benefit our members.  Way ahead TBD.

-Potential Branch committees were discussed, including an Entertainment committee, Lunch and Learn Planning committee, Carling Campus issues committee, WHS committee’s issues committees, Steward’s issues Committee, and DND Consultation.  The executive agreed to reflect upon this and revisit this issue at the next executive meeting.

-There is one DND building in the NCR at which PIPSC members have been raising concerns about the culture.  The members there are primarily of the CS group.  It was agreed that the branch would host a lunch on 21 July 2017, and invite PIPSC members to lunch, and investigate these concern.  Glen Schjerning, David Topp, John Eng and Jennifer Carr will be participating.

-A long discussion was held on the subject of public transit serving Carling Campus.  There are valid concerns.  It was agreed that the Branch would set up a meeting with the DND consultation team to discuss member concerns.

-The next branch executive meeting was scheduled for evening of 11 September 2017.  Likely location 1525 Bank Street.