PIPSC Victoria Branch – 2017 Annual General Meeting and Elections


Date:  Saturday, October 14, 2017

Location:  Gorge Vale Golf Club, 1005 Craigflower Road, Victoria, BC

The meeting began at 5:15 p.m.

Opening remarks/welcome by Victoria Branch President, Adele McLean.  Adele, on behalf of the executive, acknowledged that the AGM was being held on unceded Coast Salish Territories, specifically of the Lekwungen and the WSÁNEĆ peoples and welcomed, thanked and acknowledged with appreciation all members and guests attending the evening.

Adele then introduced other members of the Branch Executive:  Pierre Charpentier Vice-President, Carmen So, Treasurer; Alfred Lyon, Secretary; Christine Cress, Member-at-Large (MAL); Morgan Cranny, (MAL) and Linh Ho (MAL).

Adele also reviewed events and activities hosted by the Branch during the past year (e.g.  summer BBQ, including results of a member survey distributed at the BBQ; Victoria Royals union hockey night; and social media updates) as well as the movie event planned for December.

Regarding elections, Adele mentioned that there were five executive positions up for election (Treasurer and 4 MAL) and that there would be three call outs for nominations prior to the election.

New Business

Adele asked for acceptance of the 2017 AGM Agenda – Moved:  Anita Blais; Seconded: Cyn Craig  - Carried.

Adele also asked for acceptance of the 2016 Branch AGM Minutes.  Moved: Cyn Craig; Seconded:  Pierre Charpentier   - Carried.

Adele then asked Morgan to announce and review the rules of the Branch logo contest (deadline for submissions: Dec. 8, 2017; announcement of winner at Dec. 16th movie event ).

Next Adele issued the first call out for nominations from the floor and mentioned that two nominations had already been received.

Lauren Cimarosti and Efrain Rodriguez were nominated for Treasurer and MAL positions, respectively, and accepted the nominations.

Financial Report

Adele asked Carmen So to present the Branch Financial Report.  Carmen reviewed major expenditures during the year, answered members’ questions and asked for acceptance of the Financial Report.    Moved:  Cyn Craig; Seconded:  Lauren Cimarosti    - Carried.

Following the financial report Adele announced the second call for nominations.

Carmen So was nominated for a MAL position and accepted the nomination.

Adele then introduced the Guest Speakers: Efrain Andia Rodriguez, B.C representative on the National Defense Consultation Team; and Robert MacDonald, Regional Director- PIPSC BC/Yukon Region.

Guest Speakers

Regional Director, Rob MacDonald: Robert first acknowledged Adele and Pierre as new B.C. /Yukon Regional Council executives then covered the following topics:  Phoenix and similar negative outcomes of the Federal Government contracting out policy; planned regional initiatives to participate in discussions with MPs as part of pre-Federal Budget consultations; importance of stewards and the upcoming regional Stewards Council; upcoming opportunity for executive training in December, and the power of “Better Together” philosophy and initiatives  He also encouraged AGM attendees to talk to their colleagues about the AGM and issues discussed there as well as the important work that PIPSC members do at work and to improve work place conditions.

Efrain Rodriguez:  During an interactive presentation Efrain stressed: consultation as a key tool in bringing up issues to the right person to get them involved, that there is no activism without action, and the importance of maintaining momentum on issue resolution.

Robert and Efrain offered to answer any questions during meal time or after the AGM.

Election for executive positions

Adele issued the third and final call for nominations.

There being no further nominations, Adele announced the close of nominations.

Results of the elections are as follows:  Treasurer:  Lauren Cimarosti (acclaimed); Efrain Andia Rodriguez (MAL - acclaimed); Peter Wills (MAL -acclaimed), Yan Jiang (MAL -acclaimed) and Carmen So (MAL -acclaimed).  Terms of office for all five positions end in 2020.

Adele and Pierre shared in closing remarks, which included stressing the importance of feedback to Branch executives in order to improve member experience with activities organized for them, then asked if there were any other questions or business to be conducted.  There being none, Adele announced that there were visibility items available to be picked up by Branch members before leaving, and again thanked the guest speakers, members, and non-member guests for their attendance.

Dinner proceeded after elections.

Attendance numbers of Branch members – 42.

2017 Victoria Branch AGM adjourned at 6:15pm.