Vancouver Branch Annual General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday November 30, 2016

Holiday Inn & Suites, 1110 Howe Street, Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver Branch Current Executive:
Karen Hall (fall 2016) President (Present)
Daniel Thibault (fall 2017) Vice-President (Present)
Tim Powers (fall 2016) – Treasurer (Present)
Behzad Mehrabadi (fall 2017) Secretary (Present)
Terry Peters (fall 2016) Member-at-Large (Present)
Daryl Wong (fall 2017) Member-at-Large (Present)
Jean Laberge (fall 2017) Member-at-Large (Present)
Sid Ansari (fall 2017)-Member-at-Large (Present)
Kathy Kerr (fall 2016) - Member-at-Large (Present)
Geoff Kendell (fall 2016) Member-at-Large (Present)

Dan Jones
Shirley Friesen – PIPSC Part Time Vice President
Rob MacDonald – PIPSC BC/Yukon Regional Director
Bob Jackson – PSAC Regional Vice-President
Garth Mullins – CAPE Regional Representative

1. Welcome and Call to order - D. Thibault: (5:30 PM)
The Vice President started the meeting and K. Hall welcomed attendees and introduced the guests as well as the election committee and its members. K. Hall reminded attendees about Survey on tables, Elections for Branch Positions and Raffle Draws

2. Approval of the Agenda
Copies of the agenda were distributed. The attendees were asked if they wished to make any changes to the agenda. A motion to accept the agenda was presented.

m/s by K. Hall /T. Powers,  Carried.

3. Adoption of 2015 AGM Minutes
No additions/corrections/deletions was made to the minutes. A motion to accept the 2015 minutes made,

m/s by Jacqueline Oddi /T. Powers,  Carried.

4. Business Arising
No business arising from approved minutes.

5.  Vancouver Branch President Report   
K. Hall provided a report about the activity of the Branch during the Federal election, lunch and learn, union activities in social event such as Pride Day, May Day, Labour day, etc. She also highlighted the active involvement of Branch in different occasions and appreciated the work of Archer Shultz in mobilizing the members for different rallies.  

6.  Guests Speakers  

Rob MacDonald – BC/Yukon Regional Director
He first appreciate the leadership of K. Hall for initiating and leading an active branch. He Highlighted the Union activities during election and remind everybody that working together should be continued in order to keep the current gains and expand them into future generation.

Bob Jackson – PSAC Regional Vice-President
Bob talked about his experiences with BC Federation of Labour and emphasis the need to work at Provincial level in order to promote the Union values across Canada and in the provincial politics.

Garth Mullins – CAPE Regional Representative
Garth highlighted the need for working together and his admiration for Scientific Integrity campaign by PIPSC.

7. 2015 Financial Report and 2016 Budget  T. Powers - Treasurer
2016  Financial Report and 2017 Budget distributed and overview provided by T. Powers. T. Powers  explain in details about the use of fund in 2016 and how arrives with the budget number for 2017.

A question was arised as if the change of Calender year by PIPSC has any affect on Branch’s Calendar year. Dan Jones responds that there is no affect and Branch Calendar will stay the same.

A motion to accept 2016 financial Report and 2017 budget was carried.

M/S S. Ansari / T. Peters, Carried.

8. Election of Vancouver Branch Executive
D. Thibault Chair of Elections Committee introduced the members of election committee as D. Wong and J. Laberge. D. Thibault explained that there were 5 positions up for election in 2016. The committee received 5 written nominations for the branch executive ahead of the AGM as follows: Kathy Kerr, Geoff Kendell, Karen Hall, Terry Peters and Ted Molyneux.  During the Branch AGM, there were three calls for nominations. There was one nomination (Tim Powers) from the floor. After ballots distributed and the vote were counted, 5 members of Branch Executive were elected from 6 candidates.

The following is the new Vancouver Branch Executive and their terms:

  • Kathy Kerr (Fall 2018)
  • Terry Peters (Fall 2018)
  • Geoff Kendell (Fall 2018)
  • Behzad Mehrabadi (Fall 2017)  
  • Tim Powers (Fall 2018)  
  • Sid Ansari (Fall 2017)
  • Daryl Wong (Fall 2017)
  • Karen Hall (Fall 2018)
  • Daniel Thibault (Fall 2017)
  • Jean Laberge (Fall 2017)

9.  Prizes:
Door prizes were distributed by Vancouver Branch Treasurer, T Powers. During the AGM,  D. Thibault distributed the prizes to attendees by random draws.

10. Adjournment: 8:05 pm.
M/S  K Hall / Ball Jinder moved to adjourn. Carried.