North Central Vancouver Island Branch Annual General Meeting

May 1, 2019 Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, Building No. 300, Arbutus Room

Branch members present including the executive: 20

Nick Leone (Spring 2020) branch VP

Tamas Lipcsey (Spring 2019) Branch Treas

Jennifer Mollins (Spring 2020) Br Secretary

Alan Messner (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Kalie Gossen (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Charles Fort (Spring 2019) Branch R-MAL

Bill Woolverton (Spring 2019) Branch R-MAL



  • Robert MacDonald, PIPSC BC/Yukon regional director
  • Peter Midgley, PSAC steward


Over the course of the AGM, there were three calls for candidates for the positions up for election.

1st Call for Nominations for President, Treasurer and 7 Members At Large:

Jennifer Mollins nominated Carl Cahoon as President, and he had already accepted the nomination prior to the meeting with the elections chair.

Tamas Lipcsey nominated Anna Brockhoff as Treasurer, and she accepted.

Self-nominated for members at large positions were Tamas Lipcsey, Diana McHugh, Alan Messner, Kalie Gossen, Jean Van Der Mark, Charles Fort and Bill Woolverton

2nd Call for Nominations for Vice-President, Secretary and 7 Members At Large:

No additions

3rd Call for Nominations for Vice-President, Secretary and 7 Members At Large and Election:

No additions.


The following positions were acclaimed

Carl Cahoon (Spring 2021) branch President

Anna Brockhoff (Spring 2021) Branch Treas

Tamas Lipcsey (Spring 2020) Branch MAL

Diana McHugh (Spring 2020) Branch MAL

Alan Messner (Spring 2020) Branch MAL

Kalie Gossen (Spring 2020) Branch MAL

Jean Van Der Mark (Spring 2020) Br R-MAL

Charles Fort (Spring 2020) Branch R-MAL

Bill Woolverton (Spring 2020) Branch R-MAL