NCVI branch executive - April 16, 2019 - Giovanni’s, Qualicum Beach


Carl Cahoon (Spring 2019) Branch President

Nick Leone (Spring 2020) branchVP

Tamas Lipcsey (Spring 2019) Branch Treas

Jennifer Mollins (Spring 2020) Br Secretary

Alan Messner (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Jean Van Der Mark (Spring 2019) Br R-MAL

Bill Woolverton (Spring 2019) Branch R-MAL

Anna Brockhoff - member


Diana McHugh (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Kalie Gossen (Spring 2019) Branch MAL


1.   Commence with quorum  of 5 at 6pm

  • Recognition that on traditional territory of the Coast Salish people
  • Motion to approve minutes of last meeting M/S Jean/Allan

2.  Action items last  meeting (AGM action items in the AGM section under ‘standing items’)

  • Order branch shirts for new executive members Diana and Kalie shirts (Carl)
    1. Motion for confirmed amount for new branch shirts and new TUIF shirts - M/S Jennifer/Charles
  • TUIF shirts
      1. Distributing to members to wear especially on Fridays at work, and encourage to wear in public to start the conversation about how unions have benefited everyone.
      2. Order 30 more shirts (Carl)
  • Follow up on branch joining the CLC’s DLC in Comox and Campbell River - Bill - ongoing.  May attend DLC meeting to check it out.
  • Schedule future joint branch and subgroup meeting - Jennifer and Dan - plan for Sept
  • Updates on actions related to teleworking challenges when being asked to maintain computer with support at a distance (driving to Victoria at own cost for computer servicing) - defer report, action being taken at consultation table
  • Updates on actions relating to concern with collective agreement adding breaks, and employer retaliating by increasing the quota goals - defer report, action being taken at consultation table and bargaining committee is informed
  • Ideas for International Labour Day, Canadian Labour Day and/or Public Service weeks for our branch
    1. Anna - available to deliver a lunch and learn in Comox
    2. Ask for input at AGM
  • Regional Council preparations - branch positions (elections, resolutions) - Allan preparing resolution to increase PIPSC funding to groups, particularly smaller groups like CFIA who have inadequate resourcing to fund in-person AGMs


3.  Treasurer's Report

  • Branch Financials for 2018 and 2019 YTD, budget for 2018 and 2019 - presented as information, accepted
  • Branch motions for any expenses approved by email - none
  • Motion for branch to pay for Anna’s dinner  - M/S Carl/Charles


4. Branch standing items

  • AGM - May 3
      1. NEW: Hospitality committee - all members of the executive - all members to speak to three new people and make introductions
      2. 2 Baskets - Action - Carl and Nick will each prepare a basket
      3. Elections committee - Charles and Diana
        1. Election for president and treasurer, 7 MAL
        2. Ballots, motion to accept results.
      4. Greeters / front door / door prize draw - Allan
      5. Coins for parking - Tamas
      6. Verify parking rate - Kalie
      7. Zoom - Bill
      8. Budget 2020 - Tamas
      9. PResidents Report - Carl
      10. Invitations / agenda - Jennifer (sent out 3 weeks ahead)
      11. Materials /banner/name tags/sign in sheets/swag/TUIF shirts - Jennifer and Nick
      12. Venue / menu - Nick
      13. Schedule a branch AGM speaker from PIPSC branch office - Jennifer - Will contact Rob MacDonald for speech about Your Union Has Got Your Back / Union 101 / 100 Anniversary of Winnipeg General Strike / How Unions Revitalize Workplace Democracy themed talk
      14. Draft agenda and invitation  - Jennifer to finalize and send out
      15. Record minutes and share with regional and headquarters PIPSC- Jennifer
      16. Chair?  Timeliness and inclusion are priorities
        1. Carl to buy chocolates as mini prizes for ice breaker
      17. Carl to buy speaker a gift. Motion to buy speaker a gift M/S Jennifer/JEan
      18. Bring membership list to AGM - Jen

5. New Business / Roundtable / Updates

  • Allan providing advice to PIPSC on new steward recruitment - focus on important but underreported roles in pension, bargaining and workplace matters/consultations.
  • Allan recommended ‘Slack’ for branch business instead of emails.  Nick to review
  • Federal elections activities / Coordination with PSAC
  • Debrief on advanced steward training - Allan attended, emphasis on grievance examples and methods was stellar.  Highly recommended.
  • Sharing budget and membership lists - don’t do it
  • Not getting issued ID cards (RCMP and ISEDC) - issue being addressed at RCMP but takes long time due to internal processes.  ISEDC ID card discussion deferred
  • Central table approach for common bargaining issues is happening this round, like it did last round.  EWSP at separate bargaining table.
  • TC and CFIA going to activity based workplace with 60% reduction in desks. Good for employees with field tasks, not suitable for desk jobs.  DFO members concerned that workplace is ill equipped for this change.


6..Next meeting: AGM on May 1, then June executive meeting  - date to be finalized by Doodle after the elections.  Adjourned at 8pm