PIPSC North Central Vancouver Island Branch Annual General Meeting

May 1, 2019, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, Building 300, Arbutus Room

Attendance: 4 regular and retired members, plus Executive members

Nick Leone (Spring 2020) branch VP

Tamas Lipcsey (Spring 2019) Branch Treas

Jennifer Mollins (Spring 2020) Br Secretary

Alan Messner (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Kalie Gossen (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Charles Fort (Spring 2019) Branch R-MAL

Bill Woolverton (Spring 2019) Branch R-MAL



  • Robert MacDonald, PIPSC BC/Yukon regional director
  • Peter Midgley, PSAC steward



1) Call to order - Nick called meeting to order at 5:40, recognizing the importance of May 1 as International Labour Day

2) Motion to Accept of the Agenda M/S Bill/Alan

3) Motion to Adopt of Minutes of 2018 AGM M/S Alan/Bill

4) Business arising from the Minutes - none

5) President’s Report  - Branch had an active year.  We held three well attended pension sessions with John Staric in Comox and Nanaimo, and some EWSP sessions.  We purchased a number of THank A Union Its Friday shirts for branch members to wear, to start to change the conversation to the benefits of unionism. We purchased visibility materials for rallys with PSAC on issues like Phoenix.  The branch initiated meetings with local subgroups to increase regional cohesion and information sharing.  We continue support member events, such as the PBS Childrens’ Christmas Party, the PBS Seafood Barbeque and Bike to Work Day, and are looking to expand this support to other sites upon request.

6) Motion to accept Financial Report for 2018 & Proposed Budget for 2020 M/S Jennifer/Nick

7) Elections call - Charles gave election call and asked for nominations. Nominations were made for all positions.  All positions were acclaimed.

Carl Cahoon (Spring 2021) branch President

Anna Brockhoff (Spring 2021) Branch Treas

Tamas Lipcsey (Spring 2020) Branch MAL

Diana McHugh (Spring 2020) Branch MAL

Alan Messner (Spring 2020) Branch MAL

Kalie Gossen (Spring 2020) Branch MAL

Jean Van Der Mark (Spring 2020) Br R-MAL

Charles Fort (Spring 2020) Branch R-MAL

Bill Woolverton (Spring 2020) Branch R-MAL


10) Guest Speaker and Discussion  – Tony Turner

Tony described his experience being placed on administrative leave from EC from his song ‘Harperman’, and how PIPSC is representing him in his upcoming hearing.  He described the importance of following through on legal proceedings, even as he’s been offered to settle, in order that all public servants have the rights under the Charter protected in terms of freedom of speech and association.  His hearing will be this summer.  The audience expressed gratitude for the sacrifice he is making on our behalf.


11) Guest Speaker and Discussion  – Robert MacDonald

Robert presented a talk that concluded

  • We have rights, and if we don’t protect them, them we likely lose them
  • We must remember where we came from
  • We are citizens not just consumers
  • We must ensure policy is evidence based
  • We need to subscribe to the notion of balance and not polarization
  • We (institutions) need to evolve and adapt (or become extinct)


12) Other Agenda Items - none


13)    Door Prize Draw - several prizes were awarded and t-shirts/other visibility items were widely distributed


14)    Adjournment - 8:37