The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada



Brown’s Social House, #170, 1826 McCallum Road, Abbotsford, B.C. at 5:00 pm

The meeting was called to order at 6:15pm.

Welcoming and Opening Remarks:  Jennifer Russell called the meeting to order and welcomed all.  New members at large Kaitlin Houle and Monica Tan were welcomed to the group.

Local/Regional/National Consultation Updates:  Phil Johnson had attended the regional meeting on June 3rd and met Regional Deputy Commissioner, Dennis Boucher.  Dennis Boucher spoke of the wellness and harassment components for staff.

Phoenix was discussed and the need for local consultation and a regional and national rep.  The SH group has been specially affected by shift work, shift allowances and schedule changes.  There is a need for a Phoenix staff member at every sites.  A request for a specific PIPSC person received a response that someone will be hired.  Phil will obtain a time frame for this. 

We need local consultation, but not all sites have a representative and currently Kent and Mountain have no support.  Every site should have a meeting that aligns with regional and national meetings.  There is a request for two Pacific regional representatives.

The message from region is there is a lot of verbal complaints, but no formal grievances.  We need these formal grievances to support that there is a problem.  Encourage members to get a hold of Phil Johnson or John Enger.

Occupational Health and Safety – ensure that we have PIPSC representation at sites.

Bargaining Update:  Ian Shaw presented the latest central bargaining updates.  Ian represents the SH group and there are representatives for each PIPSC group. 

The highlights from central bargaining include:

An economic increase for all PIPSC groups, broken down over four years to 2%, 2%, 1.5% and 1.5%.

Parental leave top-up expanded by five weeks.

Domestic violence leave – up to 75 hours.

Caregiver leave – will count towards pension.

MOU – language on harassment.

MOU – more gender neutral language.

MOU – retroactive pay and interest on retroactive pay.

Ian encourage members to submit a PAR.  There is a 400 payment available.

HRMS has a new code (641) to use when on Union duty during regular working hours.  CSC will bill PIPSC directly.

Ian also encouraged everyone to put the word out to send emails to bargaining teams and to send emails to Robert McDonald.

Phone Debbie Daviau’s office if you have any issues.

Round Table: 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:30

Submitted by Andrea Cameron
Secretary, PIPSC BC/Yukon Region, Fraser Valley Branch