PIPSC St. John’s Branch

Minutes of the Branch Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 5:30 pm

Bally Haly, St. John’s



Carolyn Hynes, President Susan Harris

Leslie White Terry Fleet

Roger Johnson Christine Newhook

Mike Lester James Meade

Travis Kendall Jack O'Rourke


1.0              Welcome

Carolyn opened the meeting at 5:40 pm welcoming all to the branch AGM for 2019.

2.0              Introductions

All members in attendance introduced themselves.  List of attendees attached.

3.0              Approval of the Agenda

Carolyn presented the agenda.  It was moved by Christine Newhook and seconded by Roger Johnson that the agenda be approved. – Carried.

4.0              Approval of the 2018 Branch AGM minutes

As there were no required changes or omissions to the minutes, they were adopted and approved as moved by Gerard Grace and seconded by James Meade. – Carried.

5.0              President’s Report

Carolyn presented the presidents report (as per attached). Moved for approval by Sue Harris and seconded by Terry Fleet. – Carried. 

6.0              Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's Report was presented by Travis Kendall (as attached).  Terry Fleet indicated that the budget should include a maximum of $300 per year for the Science Fair Award.  All else remaining the same, Christine Newhook moved that the amended Treasurer's Report be accepted.  This was seconded by Carolyn Hynes. - Carried.

7.0              Executive Elections

For this AGM, the branch executive has open seats for the election of the branch President, Treasurer, Secretary, and also for Members at Large - 3 positions for 2-year terms and 1 position for a 1-year term. (Elections report attached).


Elections were held with the results as listed below:

Elected branch President – Carolyn Hynes

Elected Treasurer - Travis Kendall

Elected Secretary - Christine Newhook

Elected to 2-Year Term, Member-at-Large: Terry Fleet

Leslie White

Yvonne O'Keefe

Elected to 1-Year Term, Member-at-Large: James Vey

St. John’s Branch Executive 2019-2020

Carolyn Hynes - President

Roger Johnson - Vice President

Travis Kendall - Treasurer

Christine Newhook - Secretary

Members at Large

James Meade, Sue Harris, Jack O’Rourke, Terry Fleet, Leslie White,

Yvonne O'Keefe, and  James Vey


As the elections were completed, it was moved by Christine Newhook and seconded by Neil Burgess that the ballots be destroyed.  – Carried. The ballots were therefore destroyed.

8.0              Guest Speaker Presentations

Neil Burgess did a presentation on the Disability Insurance Plan.

Kimberley Skanes, Atlantic Regional Director, brought greetings from the President, Debi Daviau.  Kim spoke about the priorities of PIPSC for the coming months, and highlighted that we have 17 new stewards in the Atlantic Region.

Greg Scriver, the PIPSC CLC Indigenous Representative, did a presentation about the first CLC Indigenous Lobby Day, held on April 2, 2019.

9.0              Other Business

PIPSC trivia - Attendees were given PIPSC swag for answering trivia questions about PIPSC. 

10.0          Meeting adjourned

Carolyn thanked all for attending the 2019 AGM with a turnout of 30 members. There being no further business, the AGM was adjourned at 8:00 pm as moved by Travis Kendall and seconded by Neil Burgess.