HELD 22nd NOVEMBER 2017 AT 1200 HRS        

Members in Attendance:
Marcel Journeay, President
Eva Henshaw, Vice President
Henry Desjarlais, Treasurer
Matthew Rodman, Secretary


1.    Marcel called the meeting to order at 11:50 hrs.


2.    Secretary presented the minutes from the last meeting, October 2017.  Minutes were reviewed and accepted by all present.  -  INFO  


a.       Treasurer’s Report. Henry stated that we have received funds from PIPSC, but are still waiting for small refund for previous executive meeting. Report accepted by all present.

b.       Secretary’s Report. Members’ list to be kept updated. Currently at 33 members. Status of members to be monitored regularly. Matthew to update local phone numbers of members. Also, members’ list to be updated to reflect new SH President. Report accepted by all present - Matthew

c.       President’s Report. Followed up on Nov 9th regarding holding a boot drive during Public Service Week. Still awaiting decision. Lunch and Learn to discuss resolutions to the 2017 PIPSC AGM was cancelled due to scheduling conflict. The event could not be rescheduled due to the tight timelines between receiving the resolutions and the holding of the AGM. Attended the national PIPSC AGM. It was a long meeting with lots of resolutions to debate. One change to funding formulas for Branches was carried. Branches will now receive an annual $10/member allotment for any retired members within their boundaries. Currently there are no retired members in the Greenwood Branch boundaries. The Wing Commander has approved a 1300hrs departure for PIPSC members on Dec 19th for our Christmas Party. All CO’s have concurred with the Base Commander’s decision except one. I am still awaiting word from CO 14 OSS. Dooley’s is booked. Tom E. will once again coordinate a pool tournament. Report accepted by all present. - Marcel


a.    Christmas function. Mostly all in place. Eva to confirm both CS and SH group contributions. - Eva

5.  ADJOURNMENT. Meeting was adjourned by the President at 12:45 hrs.     

Original signed by

M. Rodman

Original signed by

M. Journeay

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