Nicolas Helal - 2023 Election Autobiography

I have been working at NAV Canada and a PIPSC union member for over 20 years.  For those who do not know me, I am part of the CAATS Team, at first as a Software Developer and currently as a Systems Engineer. 

The results of our past contracts as well as the handling of the MOAs by our group executive have made me realize that it is time for new voices to be heard at the executive level. PIPSC members and the work we do is indispensable to the operations of our air traffic control centers and our innovations are what will drive NAV Canada into the future. Yet our value is not acknowledged by our employer and sadly not strongly defended by our union.

If elected, I hope to bring a different perspective and greater insight to our union executive, on the worth of our members, and to always thoroughly  question the company’s offers and actions. To put a stop to the concessions that have weakened our position within Nav Canada. Ensure transparency and proper dialogue with you so that your voices are heard and that you are well informed to make decisions in your best interest.

Thank you

Nicolas Helal