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11 September 2019
Here are the top 4 most frequent questions on Phoenix.
11 September 2019
Members like you play an important part in building, protecting and progressing communities across Canada.
9 September 2019
Dr. Margaret Haydon, a scientist who was fired by the government for blowing the whistle on Health Canada's approval process of a controversial veterinary drug, has filed an appeal to the unfair compensation provided by the FPSLREB in her case.
5 September 2019
PIPSC has submitted 11 recommendations to the House of Commons before the drafting of Budget 2020.
30 August 2019
Each member paid by Phoenix is entitled to paid days of compensation leave. As of August 27, 2019, these paid compensation days should be available in the leave banks of current employees.
30 August 2019
Unions across Canada are welcoming you to Labour Day events, parades and picnics. Let’s celebrate our collective strength and show our solidarity with the Canadian labour movement!
15 August 2019
National child care is a tried and tested policy that is long overdue in Canada. We're joining unions across Canada to call for a national child care plan.
13 August 2019
We are pleased to announce the groups that have voted in favour of their new collective agreements. Find out where your group stands.