Process to Replace Phoenix Begins

On September 19th the federal government officially began the process to replace Phoenix. Scott Brison, Treasury Board president, announced a procurement process to plan, design and purchase a new system suggesting a Spring 2019 implementation.

PIPSC has been pushing to replace Phoenix for almost a year and began working with the federal government in June to find an appropriate and reliable replacement.

“We've been calling to nix Phoenix and push the government to replace it with a pay system that works. I'm glad to see that our hard work is finally paying off and we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm also encouraged to hear Minister Brison refer to specific timelines for the selection of a new system," stated PIPSC President Debi Daviau. "Of course, the job is not done until everyone is reliably paid. In the interim, we would like the government to fully explore all potential solutions, like the CAS system at the Canada Revenue Agency. The existing CAS system could be deployed to pay public service employees more quickly and take pressure off the existing system.”

PIPSC continues to advocate for an urgent replacement of the Phoenix system by working with and pushing the government forward, winning the support of Canadians, as well as making the voices of PIPSC members heard.

You can read more about the September 19 Procurement day here:

Learn more about how you can join the campaign to nix Phoenix visit: