Phoenix Pay System Status Report

Dear Members,

As most of you are no doubt already aware, serious problems persist with the government’s Phoenix pay system and many PIPSC members continue to go without pay or are missing significant parts of their pay. Despite recognition of the problem by senior officials and an apology from the government we remain without a solution and with no clear timeline for a remedy.

Now, we are faced with news of a potential privacy breach. I have written to Treasury Board President Brison and Minister Foote asking for details of the breach. I have also reinforced the need for unions and employees to be notified and provided with details when these situations arise.

The Institute remains vigilant and continues to find ways to assist and pressure the government for a solution. PIPSC staff, stewards and volunteers are focused on assisting members to access help from the pay centre and their own departments. In addition, the PIPSC Board of Directors instituted a loan program for those members hardest-hit by pay problems. By doing so, we hope to alleviate the stress and genuine harm being done to our members by this poorly-executed transition to a new pay system.

Members and stewards are encouraged to read the guidelines for the loan program and can obtain an application here.

I have also written to the President of the Treasury Board and to the Minister for Public Services and Procurement on many previous occasions and in June met with Minister Brison and senior officials to express our frustration and to demand a remedy. We recently received this response from the Treasury Board on our demand to have mitigated the financial penalties public servants are experiencing due to problems with Phoenix pay. We are now working with Treasury Board to establish concrete steps to ensure our members are repaid. We are also sending urgent cases directly to the Treasury Board Secretariat and have seen some resolved but not nearly enough.

If you are experiencing any Phoenix pay-related problems please inform your local Employment Relations Officer (ERO) in the regional office nearest to you so we can assist and monitor all problems. We recommend that you also contact the president or any member of your Consultation Team who is working with management in your Department/Agency to address specific problems.

I will continue to look for every opportunity to pressure this government to act quickly and effectively to solve pay issues.

Debi Daviau