Do Better than Phoenix: pay now, not later

The news this week that it will take a further three to five years to clean up the Phoenix backlog, and 10 or more years to stabilize the system, makes it obvious that on the third anniversary of the launch of the Phoenix pay system we should be laser-focused on implementing its replacement as soon as possible.

But in order for that to happen the government needs to commit the funding now to ensure implementation of a new system will survive the uncertain outcomes of the next federal election.

That’s why this week I held a press conference, along with Vice President Stéphane Aubry, calling on the government to commit the funds needed in next month’s federal budget, the last scheduled before the election. If passed, it would help lock in plans to launch a new system sooner rather than later (or worse, not at all).

And make no mistake, when it comes to the current round of collective bargaining, ensuring our members have better pay protections is a key PIPSC priority.

If there’s one potential election issue affecting federal public servants that ought to be settled now, it’s that we deserve a pay system that works.

In order to Do Better than Phoenix, the government should be prepared to pay now, not later.

Better Together,

Debi Daviau