COVID-19 and travel insurance

The Government of Canada has announced an official global travel advisory: avoid non-essential travel outside Canada until further notice. This impacts your travel insurance coverage.

Travel benefits may be void if you decide to leave the country after these advisories have been announced.

The federal government has recommended Canadians currently outside of Canada to return as soon as possible and requires returning travelers to self-isolate for fourteen daysGovernment loans are available to pay for return travel arrangements. It is your responsibility to protect the health of your community. If you are not able to safely return to Canada, the government is urging Canadians to minimize contact with other people.

Most PIPSC members are covered by the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) or another private healthcare plan. These plans generally offer emergency travel benefits including out-of-country emergency healthcare and travel assistance. For travellers currently unable to return to Canada, the travel insurance has been extended. If you are:

  • currently unable to return to Canada
  • covered by PSHCP
  • departed Canada between January 18 and March 16

Your PSHCP travel insurance is extended until further notice.  If you cannot safety return to Canada and you departed between January 18 and March 16, you will remain covered. 

Many credit card providers also offer emergency travel medical coverage, trip cancellation, and trip delay insurance when the trip is purchased with the credit card. These benefits may cover the cost of returning to Canada in the event of a travel advisory. More information on these benefits can be found by contacting your credit card provider or by checking their website. The PSHCP and most private healthcare plans do not offer this coverage.

Carriers of the virus may never have any symptoms, but may still be a danger to others. Members returning to Canada from overseas, including the United States of America, should self-quarantine for fourteen days. This is critical to preventing the spread of the virus and protecting our healthcare system.

For more information on COVID-19 for PIPSC members visit our FAQs.