The disproportionate impacts of code 699 restrictions on women

When the Treasury Board created new discriminatory guidelines around the use of “Other leave without pay” code 699, we pushed back. You shouldn’t be forced to choose between work or caring for your children and loved ones. In exceptional circumstances, you may be unable to work due to school or daycare closures, equipment failure, or family obligations.

Although use of the special leave code has drastically declined since the beginning of the pandemic, the members who need code 699 the most were left out with the new guidelines. Our research demonstrates that women are disproportionately impacted, and we’ve filed a grievance on their behalf.

President Debi Daviau hosted this interactive webinar for International Women’s Day to discuss the impacts of code 699, how we can take action, and the ongoing struggle for adequate care leave for women public service professionals.

If you need assistance with your code 699 request, use our COVID-19 help form.