Increase to Disability Plan Employee Premium

The monthly employee premium for the Public Service Disability Plan has increased from 29 cents per $1,000 in salary to 35 cents per $1,000. This reflects the increased cost of the plan. The Employer paid premium has also increased proportionately. The employer pays 85% of the premium, the employee 15%. This plan offers income replacement of 70% of salary to members who are temporarily disabled. 

An insured member with an annual salary of $75,000 will be paying $4.50 more per month or $54.00 per year. This change was approved by the Disability Board of Management – a joint employer-union oversight committee of the National Joint Council.

Most members employed in the Core Public Administration and at Separate Agencies are covered by this plan; however, members who have previously held a management or excluded position may be instead covered by the Management Disability Plan. The Management Plan’s premium is not affected by this change. 

The employer has noted this change on the plan’s notice page.