Louis Poirier - NRC-RO/RCO

I have been a researcher in the Ocean Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre since 2011. I have always tried to do my part and volunteer to help my colleagues. Specifically, I have been a PIPSC steward since 2014. At the time I had been volunteering with the Ottawa East Branch and eventually joined the branch executive from 2015-2017. From 2017-2020 I was the founding president of the National Capital Region NRC-RORCO Subgroup. In 2018-2019 I represented NRC staff on the PIPSC central Bargaining team and acted as the communications officer.

Key projects that I have taken on are informal coffee breaks to field questions from staff and provide information on services provided by PIPSC. I have also given a number of PIPSC 101 lunch and learn sessions and I recently developed one on parental leave. I am applying for this position because I have a bit less responsibility. I have stepped down as president of

the subgroup to allow space for one of my colleagues, Jackie Lo to step into that role. I know that a few individuals are doing the bulk of the consultation work with management and I have some experience and would like to help out.

Louis Poirier