HRUMCC Summary – June 2017

Update on classification

A presentation on classification activity was given. It was confirmed that when classification is completed people are appointed from pools. The BAs asked about the status of the AS group in Moncton who performs the task of IT Access and the status of the conversion to the CS classification.

Update on Staffing and Recruitment  

A presentation was given about advertised and non-advertised competitions. Additionally, there was information shared on recruitment. After the presentation the BAs asked questions around the number of employees who do not get pulled from pools once they have been deemed as qualified. We currently don’t see any statistics around this and feel it is important that we have a full understanding of people in the pools. Additionally, there is concern that most members pulled out of the pool are generally being handpicked by people who know them. The BAs also asked about statistics on the length of time our members have been in pools for, this should be ongoing to help with ensuring that established pools are being used to fill gaps where staff is needed. We should not be seeing so many long term acting appointments when there are established pools.  

We requested breakdowns going forward on the recruitment campaign and student hiring. We want to ensure students are retained and we meet our diversity needs.

SSC’s Top Ten Indicators

The top ten indicators being used by SSC are:

  • Staffing levels
  • Training hours
  • Branch spending / revenue generation
  • Project health
  • SSC Budget Initiate 2016 to replace gang equipment
  • Customer Satisfaction survey results
  • Critical incidents percentage
  • Average time for account executives to create BR documents and setup cost recovery agreements.
  • Percentage if IT security incidents responded to

We were happy to see that training hours is one of the indicators as currently SSC have said there are challenges with capturing training hours invested in our members. Our only concern is that Employee satisfaction was not included in the metrics, this in our opinion, would be an important metric to help with gauging overall employee morale.

Update on Language Training  

An official languages update was presented. An action plan to build bilingual capacity in SSC has been ongoing, it started as a pilot project and numbers continue to grow in the program. Official language dashboards are being developed which will help with knowing where people are in the different language development streams being offered by SSC. We are concerned with limitations to our member’s careers that don’t or are unable to meet the language requirements due to over classification of certain language profiles. We understand that SSC needs to meet the language requirements being set by the GoC and are happy that SSC is supporting language training.