The Shared Services Canada (SSC) Consultation Team is looking for stewards to volunteer to represent the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) in consultation meetings with Shared Service Canada.

The Consultation Team is currently in negotiations with Shared Services Canada to change the consultation model to a Branch Consultation model from the current Regional Consultation model. To facilitate this change the Consultation Team is looking for new members.

  1. SSC stewards are welcome to put their names forward for the position. We ask that you please indicate in which SSC Branch you work, Region, previous consultation experience, PIPSC experience and current PIPSC positions held.

The duties for these positions include:

  • Represent the Institute with the employer and convey the Institute's objectives and decisions to members and the employee (employer or employees?), as defined by the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations.
  • conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at meetings
  • keep abreast of Institute positions on employer policies
  • solicit input from members and Institute staff on issues of concerns
  • ensure items of concern are placed on the meeting agendas
  • ensure unresolved issues at one level are referred to the next level
  • ensure that members are kept informed on discussions held at consultation meetings through regular communications with stewards across the organization

The term of office for these representatives is approx. two years.

Please respond to SSC Consultation President Craig Bradley if you are interested and include your resume of experience with consultation by August 9th, 2017.