Dear colleagues and friends,

On Pink Shirt Day, also known as Anti-Bullying Day,  we stand up against bullying in all its forms. 

Bullying is a form of aggression exploiting a real or perceived power imbalance where the bully believes they have power over the person being victimized.

Bullying can have long-term repercussions, such as depression, anxiety, and mental trauma; as well as cause and perpetuate low self-esteem. It can have a negative impact beyond the victims directly affected, including on the morale and productivity of the whole team. 

We can all play a crucial role in creating a safe, kind, and welcoming environment where diversity and inclusion flourish.  The more people feel supported in embracing their cultural, religious or any other identifies, the more easily we can create an environment where our authentic selves are valued. This means calling out and preventing undesirable behaviours like bullying in all its forms, such as: 

  • Physical bullying: using physical force or aggression against another person (e.g., hitting) 
  • Verbal bullying: using words to demean or verbally attack someone (e.g., name-calling) 
  • Social/relational bullying: trying to hurt someone through excluding them, spreading rumours or ignoring them (e.g., gossiping) 
  • Cyberbullying: using electronic media to threaten, embarrass, intimidate, or exclude someone, or to damage their reputation (e.g., sending threatening text messages). 

Let us stand up against bullying in all its forms, today and everyday!

Stay safe, stay well!!


Waheed Khan

President, National Consultation Team