Dear colleagues and friends,

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is an opportunity to honour women and girls leading innovation for change. Join us in celebrating the thousands of women scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians (STEM) and their expertise, knowledge, and dedication.

While significant progress has been made, women and girls continue to face challenges. Studies show that globally, only 33 per cent of researchers are women. Women are awarded less research funding than men, and are less likely to be promoted. In the private sector, women are under-represented in corporate leadership and in technical roles in tech industries. Women account for just 22 per cent of professionals working in artificial intelligence and 28 per cent of engineering graduates.  These glaring under-representations limit our ability to find inclusive, sustainable solutions to modern problems and build a better society for all. In the 21st Century, we continue to fight laws that exclude women on one pretext or another, often unrelated to their skills and abilities.

Let us continue our ongoing struggle for diversity and inclusion, and recognize the impact of the work and perspectives of our women colleagues on government-wide initiatives and advice, as well as their impact on advancing science for common good.

#WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM

Stay safe, stay well!


Waheed Khan

President, National Consultation Team