PIPSC National Consultation Team
Correctional Service of Canada


These terms of reference define the composition and responsibilities of the PIPSC National Consultation Team for the ‘Correctional Service of Canada’ ( “the Team”). They are intended to clarify the internal functioning of the Team within the framework of the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations and Consultation Guidelines.

1. PIPSC Consultation Structure within ‘Correctional Service of Canada’ The PIPSC Consultation Structure in ‘Correctional Service of Canada’ (CSC) is composed of structural components:

a) the PIPSC Stewards in ‘CSC’,
b) the PIPSC ‘CSC’ Consultation Community,
c) the PIPSC ‘CSC’ Local, Regional/Sectoral, National Consultation Team, and
d) the PIPSC ‘CSC’ National Consultation Team Executive.

2. Composition and Selection

2.1 The PIPSC National ‘CSC’ Consultation Team is composed of:

  • Regional Representatives
  • Occupational/Classification Group Representatives

Others as required

2.2 In accordance with the PIPSC governance if there are more than fifteen volunteers to serve on the Team, members will be selected based on the following criteria:

‘regional, sectoral, and occupational representation , knowledge of the Department of CSC and of the Institute, and experience in local or regional consultation.’

3. PIPSC ‘CSC’ Consultation Community

In accordance with PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations, all consultation with the employer is to be conducted with PIPSC Stewards. All of the PIPSC Stewards involved in consultation, whether formal or informal, make up the PIPSC Consultation Community within ‘CSC’.

4. PIPSC National ‘CSC’ Consultation Team

In accordance with PIPSC Governance the National Consultation Team needs to include;

regional, sectoral and occupational representation. Regional Representatives are responsible for representing all occupational groups in their regions.

4.1. PIPSC ‘CSC’ National Consultation Team

The PIPSC ‘CSC’ National Consultation Team is composed of the following positions:

1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Communications Officer
4. Atlantic Regional Representative
5. BC/Yukon Regional Representative
6. Prairies Regional Representative
7. Ontario Regional Representative
8. NCR Regional Representative
9. Quebec Regional Representative

4.2. Other positions

The Team may define other positions as necessary. The National Consultation Team must endorse the addition of any new position(s) to the Team.

4.3. PIPSC National ‘CSC’ Consultation Team Executive

The PIPSC National ‘CSC’ Consultation Team Executive consists of the National President, National Vice-President, Communications Officer and the Employment Relations Officer. The Executive will coordinate the administration of the activities of the Team.

Others as required by the Department Consultation Team

5. Responsibilities, Functions and Roles

All members of the Consultation Team are responsible for representing the Institute with the employer, and for representing and conveying the Institute’s objectives and decisions to members and the employee, as defined by the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations. Prepare and submit quarterly reports.


The Consultation Team President is the primary contact between the departments and its senior management level.

The role of the President is as defined by the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations.


The Vice-President of the National Consultation Team assists and replaces the President as required.


The Communications Officer:

  • Prepares and distributes newsletters, communiqués and meeting minutes on behalf of the National Consultation Team.
  • Is the primary contact to have information placed on the PIPSC Consultation Website.


The Regional/Sectoral Representatives will:

  • Lead regional/sectoral consultation team.
  • Ensure representation at local and regional/sectoral UMCCs.
  • Identify and refer issues to the national level consultation team as needed
  • Forward minutes to the Communications Officer
  • Ensure the distribution of information to regional/sectoral stewards
  • Maintain the accuracy of the information related to their regional/sectoral structure


The Employment Relations Officer provides assistance and guidance to the National Consultation Team.

6. Annual National Consultation Team Meeting

The President will coordinate the organization of the Annual National Consultation Team Meeting to be held each year.

Approved at the Working Group on Consultation Meeting – May 3, 2013