PIPSC-CSC National Consultation  Atlantic Representative annual report 2018/2019

Dear PIPSC members in the Atlantic region,

I have been given the opportunity to assume the role of Regional Representative for the Atlantic region on the PIPSC-CSC National Consultation team.  I am new to this role and am in the process of briefing myself on ongoing issues and communicating with staff to get an awareness of current and new issues.

Ongoing and foremost for most staff is still Phoenix.  There has been some movement forward but many are still not receiving correct pay.  This also plays directly into the issue of Recruitment & Retention.  Both of these items will continue to be addressed until resolved.

There are some new concerns being monitored that affect the SH group predominantly.  Needle exchange and the development of Structured Intervention Unit (SIU).  I will make an effort over the next few months to reach out to the stewards in our region to identify local concerns.

In closing - we are still working on the issue of having to provide receipts for a clothing allowance (Health) and will keep you updated on this.

In solidarity,

Susan Beaton,

Atlantic Representative, National Consultation team