Terms of Reference

PIPSC National Consultation Team

Canadian Food Inspection Agency



These terms of reference define the composition and responsibilities of the PIPSC (“the Institute”) National Consultation Team for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. They are intended to clarify the internal functioning of the Team within the framework of the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations and Consultation Guidelines.




CFIA: Canadian Food Inspection Agency

UMCC: Union Management Consultation Committee

Area: As per CFIA Area

Region: As per CFIA Region



1. PIPSC Consultation Structure within CFIA


1.1 The Consultation Community will be composed of all Stewards in the CFIA conducting consultation under the authority of the National Consultation Team President. All stewards are members of one of the following bargaining groups:

a) the Science and Analytical group (CFIA-S&A),

b) the Veterinarian Medicine group (CFIA-VM), and

c) the Informatics group (CFIA-IN)


1.2 Within CFIA, there are up to 4 levels of consultation: National, Area, Regional, and Local (as required only). Equivalent to an Area level UMCC is the UMCC for nationally disseminated employees reporting to Ottawa.

1.2.1 Each level will serve as a conduit of information and concern to the adjacent levels; communication between levels occurs through information exchange among the respective UMCC Institute co-chairs.


1.3 The National Consultation Team, which oversees all lower level consultation by the Consultation Community, will have representatives from all bargaining groups as follows:





2. Positions and Selection


2.1 National Consultation Team President

The National Consultation Team President is appointed every 2 years by the Institute in accordance with the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations.


2.2 National Consultation Team Vice-President

The National Consultation Team Vice-President should not be a member of the same bargaining group as the President. The National Consultation Team Vice-President is selected by the members of their bargaining group on the National Consultation Team. The term of office is the same as the President, and selection occurs shortly after the President is appointed.


2.3 National Consultation Team

The National Consultation Team members are selected by their respective Group Executives. National Consultation Team members do not have to be a member of a Group Executive.


2.4 Other positions

The National Consultation Team may define other positions as necessary, or may endorse the addition of any new positions to the team. The President reserves the right to appoint other positions.


3. Responsibilities, Functions and Roles


All members of the Consultation Community are responsible for representing the Institute with the employer, for representing and conveying the Institute’s objectives and decisions to members and employees, and conducting themselves as defined by the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations.


3.1 President

The National Consultation Team President is the primary contact between CFIA Senior Management and the Institute.

The role of the President is as defined by the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations and includes the following key responsibilities:

-is accountable to the Institute for the effective operation of the Consultation Community

-is responsible for keeping the Institute informed of important issues and developments

-ensures the distribution of information to the ERO, National Consultation Team, and throughout the Consultation Community

-approves which Consultation Community members will act as official Institute representatives at various UMCCs

-maintains a current listing of National Consultation Team members and submits the listing to the Institute for posting on the Institute's website

-appoints alternate(s) as required which may or may not be the Vice-President

-prepares and submits for approval an annual budget for the activities of the National Consultation Team and Consultation Community

-authorizes travel within the approved budget, and submits the authorization to the Institute for processing

-coordinates activities between National Consultation Team members, CFIA, and the Institute

-is the National Consultation Team's representative at the Working Group on Consultation and the Advisory Council

-publishes information for CFIA members on the Institute website as needed, including summaries of National UMCCs

-chairs meetings of the National Consultation Team


3.2 Vice-President

-assists the President as required

-accompanies the President to most meetings with CFIA Senior Management


3.3 Employment Relations Officer

The Employment Relations Officer provides assistance and guidance to the National Consultation Team.


3.4 Alternate Representatives

The President may appoint alternate(s) as required. The responsibilities, functions and roles of an alternate will be identified by the President at the time of the appointment, for the duration of their appointment.


4. Budget


4.1 The President is responsible for preparing and submitting a budget and workplan annually to the Institute for approval. The budget is to be prepared in accordance with the Institute’s Policy on Union-Management Relations. Unexpected/unplanned activities require the President to submit a request for approval by the Executive Committee and/or the Finance Committee.


4.2 The President is responsible for managing the budget as approved. It is expected that travel by Consultation Community members will be kept to a minimum.


5. Annual National Consultation Team Meeting


The President will coordinate the organization of the National Consultation Team Meeting. This meeting will be held annually in person, in accordance with the Institute’s Policy on Union-Management Relations.