Additional $100 for late implementation of 2019 collective agreements

Members in the core public administration whose collective agreements were ratified in 2019 may be eligible for a new payout that PIPSC negotiated.

In 2019, we negotiated a compensatory sum of $400 that was to be paid to you due to the extended implementation period of 180 days for your new agreement, which was necessary due to a new process being implemented. After many weeks of negotiations, and after activating a “catch-up” clause in the collective agreement, we’ve negotiated an increase to $500.

Members in the following groups are eligible for this $100 increase to their retro pay compensatory sum:

  • AV Group (CO and PG classifications)
  • NR Group (AR and EN classifications)
  • RE Group (DS, HR, MA and SE classifications)
  • SH Group (DE, MD, ND, NU, OP, PH, PS, SW and VM classifications)
  • SP Group (AC, AG, BI, CH, FO, MT, PC, SG-PAT and SG-SRE classifications)

If the 180-day implementation period is not respected, and your retro pay or part of it is still not issued, the Treasury Board is responsible for issuing you a penalty of $50 for each subsequent period of 90 days that the collective agreement is not implemented. There was previously a maximum of 9 penalty payments; however, following our negotiations, this limit has been removed.

This is positive news for members who are waiting for their retro pay. You work hard each day for Canadians, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure that your retro pay is calculated correctly and paid promptly. You can learn more about retro pay in our FAQs or in our webinar.

Please note that you will only receive this money if you are eligible for retro pay, if you were working after your collective agreement expired, and before your new agreement was signed. The AV collective agreement expired on June 21, 2018. The NR, RE, SH and SP collective agreements expired on September 30, 2018. The new agreements were all signed on August 30, 2019. If you were working in between these dates, then you’re eligible for retro pay. It’s unclear when the payments will be processed for each group.