Members belong to Groups, which include all the members of the same bargaining unit. Each Group operates under its own Constitution which must be consistent with Institute By-Laws. Members of the Group elect their own Executive.

As a member,your voice counts and you're encouraged to participate in the activities of your Group.

Institute Sub-Groups are listed under their respective Group page.

Latest Group and Sub-Group News

13 October 2021
ATLANTIC: Anderson, Sandy (Alexander) Group: CS Region: ATL Department: DVA
12 October 2021
Dear Members, We are pleased to confirm that the tentative collective bargaining agreement has been ratified. The vote totals were as follows: Total votes: 63 (out of 80 eligible voters) In favour: 42 (66.67%) Opposed: 21 (33.33%)
12 October 2021
Hamilton AFS Subgroup and Hamilton CRA Branch (34D)Annual General Meeting  Thursday, November 4, 2021
12 October 2021
  Dear PIPSC retired members in the NCR,   The executives of the Retired Members’ Guild-NCR Chapter hope you are doing well and that you have stayed safe and healthy during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. 
12 October 2021
On behalf of the CP Group Executive, I would like to thank the members who applied to the vacant positions of Secretary and Prairie/NWT Regional Representative.
12 October 2021
Your Commerce and Purchasing (CP) Gatineau Sub-Group is back in business after a long period of no in-person meetings imposed by our National Office, during the pandemic, for our health and safety.
7 October 2021
29 September 2021
Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP) Mainland Nova Scotia Sub-Group Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Notice of Elections The SP Mainland Nova Scotia Sub-Group is holding the 2019 AGM: Date: Wednesday October 27, evening 730-830pm
28 September 2021
Notice Of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021 Québec City AFS Sub-Group _____________________________________________________________________ Québec City AFS Sub-Group 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) 
27 September 2021
For approval   Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada   Montreal-Metro CS Sub-Group Annual General Meeting May 8, 2019  
24 September 2021
Laval Branch and AFS Laval Sub-Group NOTICE OF 2021 ANNUAL MEETING AND CALL FOR APPLICATIONS   Date & Time : Tuesday November 2nd, 2021, 7:00 pm
23 September 2021
PIPSC NAV CANADA Group update regarding Mandatory Vaccination for Federally regulated employees  September, 2021    Fellow Members, 
23 September 2021
Hey all, It's me, your friendly neighbourhood subgroup president with a quick email for you. (Narrator: That is a lie. This email is long, so pull up a chair and grab a snack.)
23 September 2021
AGM notice for the Montreal-Metro CS Sub-Group– October 20, 2021 Hello Dear Members of the Montreal-Metro CS Sub-Group,
23 September 2021
DFO Winnipeg SP Subgroup Report - September 2021   Update from your 501 University Crescent SP Subgroup Executive
22 September 2021
NUREG Nominations Update: Nominations for NUREG Group executive closed at 5:00 PM ET on September 9, 2021. Here is an update:
22 September 2021
SH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 12 - 4 P.M. Eastern Time October 20, 2021 VIRTUAL BINDER
21 September 2021
21 September 2021
NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING PIPSC MEMBERS You are invited to attend the online Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Winnipeg Sub-Group of the AFS Group.
20 September 2021