The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Hello WTEG Members

Thank you to all who attended the Town Hall meeting on April 4 at the Whiteshell site to meet with your bargaining team members and the President of the Institute, Jennifer Carr

Your Bargaining Team participated in a third session of negotiations with CNL on April 3 through April 6. This was a combined WTEG and WPEG bargaining session. During this session the parties continued the work on the non-monetary improvements and introduced monetary proposals to your Collective Agreement. The monetary proposals include economic increases to base salary, increases to premiums and allowances. 

Future bargaining dates are scheduled for May 2023. Should you have any questions, concerns or issues you would like your Team to bring up during the negotiations, please email them to


The target date for the start of the CAAT Pension is July 9, 2023. The Company is working with CAAT and PIPSC representatives to have an even earlier transfer date. Further details will be provided nearer the time of transfer, including an individualized information package from CAAT. All members will be given 180 days after the transfer date to determine their course of action with their pension funds. 

In solidarity, your WTEG Bargaining Team

Jonathan Fitzpatrick 

Mike Fitkowsky     

Neal Schultz        

Nolan Weselak      

Ashlee Zimmer    

Richard Abraham    

Calvin Bruneau  

Steven Tresidder