Hello WTEG Members

Your bargaining team, along with the WPEG bargaining team, participated in negotiations with the employer from November 21 - 24 in Winnipeg. We have had good dialogue thus far and have agreements on a number of topics. We improved language towards Electronic Bulletin Boards, Performance Monitoring, Internal Competitions and Vacation Leave. We made positive changes towards Banked Hours and Arbitration. Face-to-face negotiations with the employer will continue and are scheduled for January 23/2023. As the negotiations continue, your bargaining team will continue to post updates after each bargaining session. 

In addition, on December 7, an all-member AGM will be held on site to provide the opportunity for a Q&A session. Should you have any questions, concerns or issues you would like your team to bring up during the negotiations, please email them to WTEG_questions@pipsc.ca.

In solidarity,

Your WTEG Bargaining Team

Jonathan Fitzpatrick
Mike Fitkowsky    
Neal Schultz       
Nolan Weselak     
Ashlee Zimmer   
Richard Abraham   
Calvin Bruneau 
Steven Tresidder