Hello WPEG Members

Your bargaining team, along with the WTEG bargaining team, conducted the first session of negotiations with CNL on November 21 through November 24. During this session the parties exchanged proposals for non-monetary changes to the collective agreement. 

Your bargaining team presented proposals, among others, for better provisions and policies around:

  • Remote work
  • Reporting, transparency, and control over contractors performing your work
  • Transparency and a collective effort to ensure that members can be redeployed on site with minimal interruption to their employment in the event of a lay-off
  • Expanding the definition of “Family” specifically for bereavement leave
  • Protections around continuing employees who may wish to take term positions 

The employer proposed language around the term allowed for contract personnel, and leave policies, however these are still under discussion.

Your team and the employer agreed to: 

  •  Expanding the provision on “Discrimination and Harrassment” to include violence 
  •  Limits on electronic monitoring of employees
  •  Adding protections to members' vacation requests being deferred by management   

Future bargaining dates are scheduled for February and April 2023. Should you have any questions, concerns or issues you would like your bargaining team to bring up during the negotiations please email them to WPEG_questions@pipsc.ca.

In solidarity, 

Your WPEG Bargaining Team

Jonathan Fitzpatrick
Jason Martino 
Curtis Faucher 
Saju Sam