The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Your TBH-RT Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that on January 12, 2024, we
reached a tentative agreement with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
(the Hospital) to conclude this round of collective bargaining. We believe we have
reached the best deal possible.

Highlights of this tentative agreement include:
● 13% wage increase over 3 years
● Increased call back premium
● Increased shift premiums
● Improved bereavement leave
● Improved vacation accrual at 11 years
● Annual incentives for Treatment Planners
● Maintained 100% employer billed premium on extended healthcare plan

This agreement must now be ratified by the TBH-RT Group membership. An
electronic vote will be held in order to ratify this agreement. All regular members in
good standing will receive the voting instructions by email.

The voting will be open from February 8, 2023 at 12:00 PM to February 15, 2024 at
12:00 PM. You will receive voting instructions via email.

You will find all the information concerning the tentative agreement below. It is important
that you take the time to review everything prior to voting and prior to asking questions
to the Bargaining Team.

Please review the attached documents:
Summary of the TBH-RT Tentative Agreement
TBH-RT Tentative Agreement - Memorandum of Settlement

A “Yes” vote means: You are accepting all of the changes proposed in the tentative
agreement. Non-monetary changes will take place at the date of signing. The Hospital
has four pay periods from the completion of their ratification to implement monetary
changes (e.g., salary grids).

A “No” vote means: You reject the tentative agreement and instruct the TBH-RT
Group Bargaining Team to pursue further negotiations, with a high likelihood of heading
to arbitration.

The TBH-RT Bargaining Team believes we accomplished the best deal possible
and we unanimously recommend accepting this tentative agreement.

The Bargaining Team will hold two information sessions about the tentative
agreement for members on Tuesday, February 13, at 11:30pm and 12:30pm.

Jolene Anderson Jarva
Melanie Zappielli
Michelle Gale
Yvonne James, PIPSC Negotiator