PIPSC Victoria SP Subgroup

Annual General Meeting

2022.03.03, via Zoom

In Attendance (17 on screen):


Morgan Cranny - President

Michelle Cote – M at L

Byran Van Wilgenburg – Guest speaker

Bill Riel – VP (retiring this year before his term is up… need a new VP for rest of year)

Esme John

Rachel S


Alex Song

Kangakola Omendja

Melissa Piasta

Greg Smith

Sally Tinis

Eric Neilson - Treasurer

Rob Price – M at L

Alison Bird – Secretary

Katrina Johnson – M at L

Kaz Shimamura – M at L


Start 12:05

Roll call – Executive (see above)

Approval agenda m/s/c

Approval Minutes m/s/c

  • No edits suggested
  • Minutes will be posted to website
  • Business from last year: Donation to two food bank charities – Mustard seed and Rainbow Kitchen.  $1000 each

Talk – Bryan Van Wilgenburg: President of SP group and member of bargaining committee for last two rounds. Based in Canadian Ice Service in Ottawa, MT (meteorologist).  Involved in union for 10 years

  • Slide deck presented
    • Phoenix – still 200,000 cases… virtually unchanged this year
    • Given 24 hours to provide input on vaccination policy
    • New PIPSC president – Jen Carr
  • 7 members on bargaining team;  not all classification are represented, but find that number works very well.
  • NJC – travel, relocation, health benefits
  • EWSP – Employee Wellness Support Program

Q – Is a 4-day workweek part of current bargaining?

A – We have not put together proposal yet and not determined bargaining priorities yet.  It could be… depends on member feedback.  Likely, it would have to be a centralized item as there would be a big impact.  TB would only agree to it that way.

Q – Heard people would like to learn more about collective agreement

A – Maybe do a lunch and learn with Morgan and Bryan.  e.g. Professional develop leave.  Send Morgan an e-mail if you have any specific questions

Q – Timelines on grievance process.  Where can we find information on this?  The timelines are short.

A – Send e-mail that says I intend to file a grievance… this would give you a significant amount of time to file it.  You can also remove it if you reconsider.  This identifies that you have a conflict.  Timeline is in a sub-clause of the collective agreement (think it is 20 working days).

Q – Why is work considered part-time when you work less than 37.5 hours?

A – Full-time definition in collective agreement is 37.5 hours.  Part-time workers perspective is very important, but not well-represented in bargaining issues, so input would be welcome at the bargaining conference

Q – Bargaining conference topics

A – Cover all topics – survey results, what was brought up in other meetings and subgroups, guest speaker, free and open discussion, remote work, salary, vaccination policy, shift-work.

Report from President

  • See Appendix A
  • No questions

Report from Treasurer

  • Given live, financials can be requested from the group
  • No questions
  • Proposed budget for 2022: m/s/c

President – Morgan acclaimed

Treasurer – Eric acclaimed

Member at Large  – All will stay or renew their term (Rob Price ).  No new ones

Round Table

  • Nothing to report

Motion to adjourn – 13:03 m/s/c



Appendix A

President’s Report to Victoria SP SubGroup AGM

March 3, 2022, Pacific Forestry Center

Previous AGM for Applied Science and Patent Examiners Group – March 16, 2021 - Chaired by President Morgan Cranny.

The Victoria SP Subgroup is:

  • Locally: Victoria SP Subgroup comprised of 157 Members and 21 Rands for a total of 178 in 8 Depts.
  • Number of members including Rands: DFO (71); NRCAN (48); ECC (22); PSPC (16); DND (14); HC (5); ISEDC (1); TC (1).
  • SP’s By classification: 69% PC’s; 18% BI’s; 5% FO’s; 5% MT’s; 2% CH’s; 1% SG-PAT/SG-SRE.
  • Major work sites: Institute of Ocean Sciences; Pacific Geoscience Center; Pacific Forestry Center; CFB Esquimalt; 1230 Government St.
  • One of 30 SP Subgroups across Canada.


  • Regionally: We belong to the BC/YT Region
  • There are 859 members in the Victoria Branch of which 178 (157 Regular, 21 Rand) are in the Victoria SP subgroup.


  • Nationally: SP’s are the third largest PIPSC group behind CS and AFS with 9010 members and 937 Rand for 9947 total as of December 31, 2021.
  • Across the country, SP’s work at 28 departments. Departments with largest number of members: HC; ECC ; DFO ; NRCAN and ISEDC , AGCAN .
  • There are 41 bargaining table groups.
  • More than 50% of members are located in the NCR.

Current Executive:

Morgan Cranny (President), Bill Riel (Vice President), Alison Bird (Secretary) Eric Neilson (Treasurer); Robert Price (Member at Large); Kaz Shimamura (Member at Large), Katrina Johnston (Member at Large), and Michelle Cote (Member at Large).

SubGroup Executive entitled to a maximum of 11 members.

 2021 - 2022 Highlights for the Victoria SP Subgroup:

Again, Covid has really hampered engagement during the past year.  We were happy to donate $1000 each to 2 food banks, Rainbow Kitchen and The Mustard Seed. The executive only met a couple of times this past year and conducted some business through email.


While not all of these relate to my role as Victoria SP subgroup president they do inform me in this position so here is a list of meetings and events that I attended this past year:

Victoria Subgroup Executive meetings – June 24th and October 14th

Subgroup Presidents meetings – June 22nd, October 18th, and December 20thth

SP National Executive Meetings – Sept 24th, November 30th, and January 28th

SP National AGM – November 26-27th

Victoria Branch Executive meetings – July 6th, September 14th, October 6th and February 28th

Victoria Branch AGM – October 28th

BC/YT virtual Steward training – April 22nd, 29th, May 6th, 13th, 20th and November 29th

BC/YT Regional Executive meetings – June 25th, September 22nd, October 21st, December 13th and February 4th

BC/YT Regional Council – May 29th

Steward Council – October 22-23rd

PIPSC AGM 2020 day 2 – Jun 5th

PIPSC ACM 2021 – November 5-6th

PFC Monthly OSH meetings – Morgan co-chair

PFC Labour Management Consultation Committee – April 16th and October 20th

Pacific Forestry Centre’s Employee Advisory Group Harassment & Discrimination Committee – April 6th, June 9th and July 15th


Upcoming 2022 Events to Note:

March 8, April 29: SP subgroup presidents meeting

May 5-6:  BC-Yukon Basic Steward Training (Burnaby);

May 27-28:  BC-Yukon Regional Council (Whistler);

June 3-4: SP AGM (Ottawa)

October 21-22: BC/Yukon Steward Council (Victoria);

October 27: Victoria Branch AGM (Victoria);

November 17-19:  BC-Yukon Basic Steward Training (Vancouver);

November 18-19: PIPSC AGM (Ottawa)


Prepared by:

Morgan Cranny