Victoria SP Subgroup AGM Minutes



Current PIPSC SP Subgroup Victoria Executive

Morgan Cranny NRCan President

Bill Riel NRCan Vice-President

Eric Neilson NRCan Treasurer

Katrina Johnston (PSPC) Secretary

Members-at-large: Robert Price PSPC; Kaz Shimamura (NRCan); Melanie Quenneville (DFO); Alison Bird (NRCan); Michelle Cote (NRCan)



  1. Welcome and Roll Call

Morgan Cranny (MC) (NRCan), President, called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm. General welcome extended to all attendees and introductions. There were 24 members in attendance. Copies of agenda, last years AGM minutes and financial statements were distributed.


  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve by Melanie Q (MQ) (DFO) and 2nd by Kaz Shimamura (KS) (NRCan)

Unanimous approval


  1. Approval and Adoption of Minutes of 2019 AGM

Corrections for 2019 AGM minutes:

Motion to approve by Alison Bird (AB) and 2nd by MQ.

Unanimous approval

Action: MC to post minutes.


  1. Business Arising from Minutes

Members reminded that monies are also available for supporting events. Contact MC or other Executive members.


  1. Guest Speaker: Brian Van Wilgenburg, Bargaining Team Coordinator, SP Executive (MT, ECC, NRCAN)

Delay has occurred in getting the new agreement posted. Stay tuned – this is done by Treasury Board and was delayed for implementation.

PIPSC wanted a fair deal promptly.

Sick leave EWSP:  most of work has been done. Review committee created to communicate with members. Progress slowed and delayed – no timeline as this point.

Under the proposed system, leave banks would be protected if you have them and they would be used first if you needed leave. The new leave if ratified, would mean using short term leave to bridge to long term leave if needed. There would be no waiting period for short term leave and there would be enough coverage to get a member to long term leave. In terms of regular sick leave, each employee would get 9 days/year and be allowed to carry over a max of 3 days for a total maximum of 12 at any one time (this applies to new employees or those without existing leave bank).

Responding to emails and researching for next round of bargaining.


Prov Development Leave: included as an extra for PC’s. Development for career but not for a specific job you are doing. Could be for promotional other skills development. Could be catching up on readings; further review of info gained at a conference; language training not offered by dept;

Members are encouraged to use this leave it so we don’t lose it and to keep track of what is accepted or denied;

Question: as Supervisor what do we do? – Apply as per direction from your Managers – in absence of such direction do best you can.


  1. Report from the President

Provided as appendix.

Motion to accept approved by AB and 2nd by RP. Unanimous acceptance.


  1. Annual Financial Report

Because it contains financials, it can be provided upon request.

Morgan Cranny (NRCan), President presented the treasures report as prepared by Eric Neilson (NRCan), Treasurer.

Motion to accept by Katrina J (KJ) and 2nd by RP. Unanimous acceptance.


  1. Report of the Election Committee

During 2019/2020 Dave Neal stepped down and Melanie Quenneville has as well. Michelle Cote joined.


Katrina Johnston stepped down as secretary. Alison Bird acclaimed.

Katrina Johnston remains as Member-at large.


Member at large positions are available.  Members are encouraged to join executive in this position at any time if they would like to volunteer.


Results of elections:

President: Morgan Cranny (NRCan) acclaimed, 2yr term

Vice President: Bill Riel (NRCan) acclaimed, 1yr term

Treasurer: Eric Neilson (NRCan) acclaimed, 2yr term

Secretary: Alison Bird (NRCan) acclaimed, 2yr term

Member-at-large: Michelle Cote (NRCan) acclaimed, 2yr term

Member-at-large: Katrina Johnston (PSPC) acclaimed, 2yr term

Member-at-large: Kaz Shimamura (NRCan) acclaimed, 2yr term



  1. New Business

RCMP - discussion re: members will be joining PIPSC

Medical / dental coverage and the new EWSP are still under discussion. Information session will continue to be held and members will eventually vote on a proposal.


  1. Adjournment

A motion to adjourn by KJ and 2nd by RP. 1:12pm


2020 PIPSC SP Subgroup Victoria Executive

Morgan Cranny NRCan President

Bill Riel NRCan Vice-President

Eric Neilson NRCan Treasurer

Alison Bird NRCan, Secretary

Members-at-large: Robert Price (PSPC); Kaz Shimamura (NRCan); Michelle Cote, Katrina Johnston (PSPC)



President’s Report to Victoria SP SubGroup AGM

Feb 27, 2020, Pacific Forestry Center

Previous AGM for Applied Science and Patent Examiners Group – February 21, 2019 - Chaired by President Morgan Cranny.


The Victoria SP Subgroup is:

  • Locally: Victoria SP Subgroup comprised of 142 Members and 8 Rands for a total of 161 in 7 Depts.
  • Number of members including Rands: DFO (63); NRCAN (52); ECC (19); PSPC (13); DND (11); HC (3); ISEDC (1).
  • SP’s By classification: 69% PC’s; 15% BI’s; 7% FO’s; 6% MT’s; 2% CH’s/CS/SG-PAT.
  • Major work sites: Pacific Forestry Center; Institute of Ocean Sciences; Pacific Geoscience Center; CFB Esquimalt; 1230 Government St.
  • One of 29 SP Subgroups across Canada.


  • Nationally: SP’s are the third largest PIPSC group behind CS and AFS with 8436 members and 670 Rand for 9106 total as of December 31, 2019.
  • Across the country, SP’s work at 28 departments. Departments with largest number of members: HC (32 %); ECC (26%); DFO (15%); NRCAN (6%) and ISEDC (5%), AGCAN (3%).
  • More than 50% of members are located in the NCR.


Current Executive:

Morgan Cranny (President), Bill Riel (Vice President), Katrina Johnston (Secretary) Eric Neilson (Treasurer); Robert Price (Member at Large); Kaz Shimamura (Member at Large), and Alison Bird (Member at Large).

SubGroup Executive entitled to a maximum of 11 members.


 2019 - 2020 Highlights for the Victoria SP Subgroup:

Subgroup executive meetings – May 10th, July 3rd, September 10th, and December 18th

PFC LMCC meetings June 21st, September 26th, and February 26th – Morgan

Monthly OSH meetings – Morgan (co-chair)



  • Phoenix Protest – Morgan, Katrina (Victoria, BC)


  • National SP AGM – Morgan (Montreal, QC)
  • BC-Yukon Advanced Training – Katrina (Vancouver, BC)


  • Bike to Work week (supported PFC’s event)
  • Regional Council – Morgan (Victoria, BC)


  • National Public Service Week (supported IOS and PFC events)
  • Branch BBQ - Morgan, Katrina, Dave and Melanie (Victoria, BC)


  • SP Subgroup Presidents Meeting  - Morgan (Winnipeg, MB)


  • Saanich Fair (Branch Visibility event) – Morgan, Robert


  • Victoria Branch AGM - Morgan, Bill, Eric, Melanie (Victoria, BC)
  • Steward Council – Morgan, Katrina


  • PIPSC National AGM – Morgan (Gatineau, QC)
  • Supported PFC United Way event (PFC)


  • Victoria Branch Movie Event – Morgan, Michelle, and Katrina (Victoria, BC)



Upcoming 2020 Events to Note:

April 4:   SP Group AGM (Toronto).

April 15-18:  BC-Yukon Advanced Training School (Victoria, BC);

May 7-9:  BC-Yukon Basic Steward Training (Burnaby, BC);

May 29-30:  BC-Yukon Regional Council (Burnaby, BC);

October 23-24: BC/Yukon Steward Council (Victoria, BC);

October: Victoria Branch AGM (Victoria, BC);

November 26-28:  BC-Yukon Basic Steward Training (Vancouver, BC).


Prepared by:

Morgan Cranny