Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018

Time: 12 noon to 1 pm

Location: Pacific Forestry Centre, 506 West Burnside Rd, Victoria BC V8Z 1M5, Main Conference Room

The SP Victoria Sub-Group was created for SP members in Greater Victoria so that our particular concerns have a voice, and so that we have an established structure within PIPSC to answer questions and coordinate information. Our Sub-Group was formed in 2005, reactivated in 2012, and this will be our fourth AGM under the new mandate. Firstly, we will review the past year and discuss some upcoming issues. This will be done in the President’s and Treasurer’s reports. Secondly, we are inviting you to participate in election of the Sub-Group Executive. Anyone who wishes to present themselves as a candidate for the Executive is invited to do so at this meeting.

A catered lunch will be served. Please let Acting President Morgan Cranny know by 12 pm on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 if you plan to attend so sufficient food can be ordered, and to advise of us any food restrictions or other requirements.

If you will be attending the meeting from off-site, please see the Visitor Access information below.


  • Roll Call (members of the Sub-Group Executive)
  • Approval of the Agenda
  • Adoption of the Minutes of the previous Annual General meeting
  • Business Arising from the Minutes
  • Report of the President
  • Annual Financial Report
  • Report of the Elections Committee
  • New Business, Including By-Law Amendments, Adjournment.


The positions of Treasurer, Secretary and (up to) 3 Members-at-Large are up for election. Nominations will be done from the floor.

For further information, including inquiries about serving on the Executive, please contact any member of your Executive committee.

  • Morgan Cranny
  • Bill Riel
  • Melissa Piasta
  • Eric Neilson
  • Robert Price
  • Katrina Johnston
  • Melanie Quenneville
  • Alison Bird
  • David Neal

We look forward to seeing you there.

Visitor Access to the Pacific Forestry Centre

Access to the building is through the Main Entrance only, and you will need to sign in at Reception.

Reception is un-staffed and the Entrance is locked between 12 noon and 1 pm.

If you are unable to arrive before noon, a contact number will be posted at the Entrance (please bring a cell phone).