Minutes of Vancouver SP Sub Group Executive Meeting  - March 15 2018

Date: March 15th 2018

Location: St Augustines – 2360 Commercial Dr., Vancouver BC

Time: 5:30- 8:30 pm

In attendance:

Executive: (2 yr terms) – existing positions

  • Simon Cowell (Jan 2017) - President 
  • Kathy Kerr (Jan 2017) -  Secretary
  • Eric Crawford (Jan 2018) - Member at large
  • Jaqueline Oddi (Jan 2018) – Member at large


  • Denis Semail (Jan 2017) - Vice President
  • Timothy Powers (Jan 2018) – Treasurer
  • Sammy Li (Jan 2017) - Member at large
  • Tanya Evans (Jan 2018) - Member at large

Call to Order @ 18:07 hr 

1) Approval of Agenda

m/s S Cowell/J Oddi; Carried

2) Approval of draft minutes of:

*Nov 22 2017 Sub Group Executive meeting; and 
*Jan 24 2018 AGM 
*Motion to approve draft minutes of Nov 22 2017 meeting m/s S Cowell/K Kerr
*Motion to approve posting ‘draft’ minutes of Jan 24 2018 AGM m/s E Crawford/J Oddi Carried

Action Item : K Kerr to ask PIPSC to translate & post the Nov 22 2017 minutes;
Action Item : K Kerr to ask PIPSC to translate & post draft Jan 24 2018 AGM minutes;
Action Item: K Kerr to forward draft Jan 24 2018 AGM minutes to T Powers

3) Business Arising:

* On agenda of tonight’s meeting;

4) Treasurer’s Report:

* Due to an unexpected family obligation, T Powers was not able to attend tonight’s meeting; S Cowell presented the Treasurers’ report (emailed to him by T Powers).  And explained that the draft AGM minutes (approved at tonight’s meeting) need to be sent to Tim, to apply for the allotment.  Simon identified members on our Executive with signing authority for our sub group Executive. 

5) Positions on the Executive:

S Cowell explained that D Semail is temporarily working in Ottawa, so it may be preferable if some one else act as Vice President this year.  Tanya Evans, had previously volunteered to be Vice President and was selected;  S Cowell spoke to T Powers, who is willing to continue as Treasurer, however, Tim would like to train someone to take over as Treasurer next year; 
Positions on Executive (as of tonight’s meeting): 

  • Simon Cowell (Jan 2017) -President (acclaimed)
  • Timothy Powers (Jan 2018) – Treasurer (acclaimed)
  • Tanya Evans (Jan 2018) - Vice President - (acclaimed)
  • Kathy Kerr (Jan 2017) - Secretary -  (acclaimed)
  • Denis Semail (Jan 2017) - Member at large 
  • Sammy Li (Jan 2017) - Member at large 
  • Eric Crawford (Jan 2018) - Member at large
  • Jaqueline Oddi (Jan 2018) – Member at large

J Oddi and E Crawford provided their contact information (for PIPSC web site: http://www.pipsc.ca/groups/sp/subgroups/sp-vancouver/executive)
Action Item:   K Kerr forward contact info for J Oddi & E Crawford, to BC/Yukon Regional office; 
Action Item:   K Kerr to ask PIPSC regional office to update Sub group Executive on website, as per changes made at tonight’s Executive meeting 

6) National and Regional updates: 

  1. SP Collective agreement expires this fall. Our National SP Group Executive provided a bargaining survey for completion by members.  Please urge our SP members to complete the survey.  As it forms part of the information relied upon by our Bargaining team, when formulating a bargaining position. 
  2.  S Cowell summarized upcoming events: Advanced Steward training (April 11 – 14th 2018); Basic Steward training (May 10 -12 2018); SP National AGM (April 6 -7 2018); BC/Yukon Regional council (June 1-2 2018);  He advised that D Semail and K Kerr were nominated as delegates for the upcoming SP Group AGM on April 6 -7 2018.

7) Vancouver SP Sub Group Activities for 2018: 

  1. Spring/summer event (partner with Branch, and/or, alternatively, organize a sub group event);
  2. Workplace engagement events (coffee and/or Lunch & Learn’ on Phoenix; Ice cream for National Public Service Week (June 2018) ;

8) Other business


9) Location and dates for next SP Sub Group Executive meetings:

Wed June 6 2018 (at location to be announced by S Cowell)
Sept 2018  (date/location to be finalized)

Meeting adjourned at 20:10 hr  m/s K Kerr/S Cowell; Carried