MINUTES of Vancouver SP Sub Group Executive Meeting
Date: Thursday Oct 11 2018
Time:  18:09- 20:30 pm
Location: Cedar Cottage Pub, 3728 Clark Dr. (@ Kingsway)
Exec member (elected) – current positions :
Simon Cowell (Jan 2019) -President
Tanya Evans (Jan 2020) - Vice President – regrets
Timothy Powers (Jan 2020) – Treasurer
Kathy Kerr (Jan 2019) - Secretary  
Denis Semail (Jan 2019) - Member at large
Eric Crawford (Jan 2020) - Member at large
Jaqueline Oddi (Jan 2020) – Member at large – regrets
Sammy Li (Jan 2019) - Member at large -regrets
1.     Call to Order @ 18:09 hr
2.     Approval of Agenda  -m/s carried
3.     Approval of Draft Minutes of:  Jun 20th 2018 –corrections to attendance – m/s as modified – carried

ACTION:  Secretary to request that PIPSC BC Regional office arrange for draft minutes of June 20 2018 meeting (as amended), to be translated & posted on PIPSC website

4.     Business Arising from the Minutes:
ACTION: President will continue to follow up with PIPSC By laws committee to implement changes approved by members at an SP SG AG over two years ago, to our sub group’s by laws. And he will seek our Regional Director, Rob McDonald’s assistance, in resolving the delays by PIPSC by laws committee in implementing those changes.

5.      Treasurer’s report – Provided by Treasurer, m/s , carried

6.     National and regional updates

1.       Bargaining starting on Oct 22 2018; (similar to past bargaining, demands to be posted on PIPSC site)
2.       Upcoming training: Basic Steward Training (Richmond, Nov 22-24th); PIPSC National AGM (Gatineau, Nov 1-3rd); Steward Council (Burnaby,Oct 19-20th).

Executive engaged in a discussion on the benefits of becoming a steward. And urges PIPSC members to consider becoming a steward.

7.     Vancouver Sub Group Activities for 2018

1.       Fall/Christmas event (partner with Branch):

RESOLVED:  Encourage stewards to submit estimated costs to our Vancouver SP Sub Group Executive, for consideration and (if acceptable approval), to host PIPSC ‘seasonal event(s)’ in workplaces prior to end of this calendar year. The SP Subgroup Executive will work with those stewards to find sufficient funding for the proposed PIPSC ‘seasonal event’. m/s carried.

2.       Vancouver SP Sub Group AGM (January 2019)

RESOLVED: Book private room downstairs in White Spot on Dunsmuir Street on a Monday or Thursday night (subject to availability) in middle of Jan 2019 ; Action: President to check availability

3.       Workplace engagement events (Coffee, L&L’s, Ice Cream…) – see  resolution in 8 (1) above

4.       GCWCC support – MOTION:  Simon Cowell to revise, and circulate to Executive for approval.

Vancouver SP Sub group support departmental GCWCC campaigns in workplaces.   where there are SP Vancouver members.  submit estimated costs to our Vancouver SP Sub Group Executive, for consideration and (if acceptable approval), $X per SP member to a max of $XXX be made available to reimburse expenses (receipts required) from organising inclusive events to raise awareness and funds for the GCWCC.  Where PIPSC funding is used for an event PIPSC must be recognised verbally or in writing at the event.
8.     Other Business –

Information: Vancouver Branch Executive is arranging for a presentation on Pensions for members, on the evening of either Nov 14 or 15 2018 (subject to availability), at a location to be announced. And urges members to watch for a notice to be posted on PIPSC site, which will provide the finalized date & location for this event.
9.     Location and preferred dates of Next Executive Meeting : Thursday Nov 29 2018 atCedar Cottage Pub, 3728 Clark Dr. (@ Kingsway).

ACTION: President to book it.
10.  Adjournment @ 8:30 pm