Vancouver Sub-Group of SP Group, PIPSC

Wednesday, November 22 2017 5:30- 8:30 pm

Personas – Grand Villa Casino – 4331 Dominion Street – Burnaby


Simon Cowell, President; Jan 2019

Denis Semail, Vice President; Jan 2019 - Regrets

Timothy Powers, Treasurer; Jan 2018

Kathy Kerr, Secretary; Jan 2019

Sammy Li, Member at large; Jan 2019

Tanya Evans, Member at large;  Jan 2018 – Regrets

1) Call to Order @ 18:00 hr

2) Approval of Agenda m/s S Cowell/S Li; Carried

3) Approval of Draft minutes  of SP SG Exec meeting:

Motion to approve draft Sept 27 2017 minutes; m/s S Li /T Powers; Carried

*   Action Item : K Kerr to ask PIPSC to post the Sept 27 minutes;

4) Business Arising from the minutes:  

*   Is on agenda of tonight’s meeting;

5) Treasurer’s Report:

*          T. Powers provided Treasurer’s report; m/s  S Cowell/S Li; Carried;

*          Discussion (led by T. Powers) of items on the draft budget, being prepared for SP SG AGM (in Jan 24 2018);

6) National and Regional Updates:

Pay Center. S Cowell provided an update that # of outstanding complaints by public service including PIPSC members, has increased. He explained that PIPSC is asking Government to replace Phoenix pay system with another system;

PIPSC National AGM : K Kerr provided an overview of the AGM; results of voting on resolutions will be posted by PIPSC on its web site; namely, whether a resolution was carried; defeated; withdrawn; or referred to a Committee ;

Upcoming Training: Basic Steward Training (Nov 23-25 – Vancouver); and Executive Training Dec 2nd – Richmond); S Cowell advised that he is registered for PIPSC Executive Training on Dec 2nd ;

Upcoming Events: Branch AGM (Thurs. Dec 7th @ Holiday Inn, Vancouver); Vancouver Branch Social (Dec 21st at Elephant & Castle from 5 to 9 pm )

7) Vancouver Sub Group Activities for 2017 and 2018

a.         On Jan 13 2018 at 8:30 am Vancouver Branch is hosting an event: new Star Wars movie at Landmark Cinema in New Westminister; maximum capacity of Theater is 122; 

b.         Motion for $ 20 per person (up to max $ 600), to cover anticipated costs of a holiday social for SP members at a location in Burnaby (to be determined) in mid Dec 2017, commencing at 4:30 pm; m/s S Cowell/ T Powers; Carried 

8) Dates & locations for our SP SG AGM:

Vancouver SP SG AGM has been booked for Jan 24 2018 at White Spot on Dunsmuir Street;

Two positions, T. Powers & T Evans, are up for election;

Elections Committee: D Semail, Chair; S Cowell; S Li ; K Kerr

Action Item: D Semail to check max allowable on SP SG Executive

Action Item:         T Powers to update last years SP SG AGM notice & Nomination form (and submit by Dec 1st to PIPSC for translation & circulation to members). And ask for it to be posted in SP Sub Group website;

Action Item:  Speakers (to be announced); S Cowell will ask our PIPSC President, Debi Daviau, to be a guest speaker;  

9) Other business: None

10) Next Executive Meeting(s) – To be decided (after SP SG AGM)

Meeting adjourned at 20:10 hr  m/s K Kerr/S Powell; Carried