Vancouver SP Sub Group Executive Meeting 

Date: Monday June 17 2019  

Time:  18:05- 20:15 pm

Location: Ricky’s Burnaby,  


Executive (term) :

Tanya Evans (to Jan 2020) - President

Denis Semail (to Jan 2021) – Vice President – regrets

Timothy Powers (to Jan 2020) - Treasurer

Kathy Kerr (to Jan 2021) - Secretary  

Eric Crawford (to Jan 2020) - Member at large

Jaqueline Oddi (to Jan 2020) – Member at large – regrets

Sammy Li (to Jan 2021) - Member at large 

Judy Harman (to Jan 2021) – Member at large

  1. Call to Order @ 18:05 hr


  1. Approval of Agenda  -added two items – m/s carried (as amended)


  1. Approval of Draft Minutes of:  March 7 2019 Exec meeting –m/s carried

ACTION:  Secretary to request that PIPSC BC Regional office arrange for draft minutes of March 7 2019 Exec meeting be translated & posted on PIPSC website

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes:


Carry Over:

For years, our former sub group President, Simon Cowell, has been following up with the PIPSC bylaws committee to implement changes to our SP Sub Group By laws, that were approved by members at an SP Sub group AGM years ago. And was going to (if needed), seek assistance from our Regional Director, Rob McDonald and possibly, a member of the National SP Group Executive.

  1. Treasurer’s report – Provided by Treasurer, m/s , carried


  1. National and regional updates:


*BC/Yukon Regional Council – May 31 – June 1 2019 (highlights provided by D Semail and K Kerr);  Including a new initiative that will hopefully persuade more younger PIPSC members to become actively involved with PIPSC.


*BC Region Basic Steward Training (Richmond, Nov 21-23rd);


*PIPSC National AGM (in Gatineau, Nov 8 – 9 2019);


  1. Vancouver Sub Group Activities for 2019:

Events held:

* Coffee on ‘do better’ campaign in April at Health Canada in Burnaby;

*Presentation (May 29 2019) by Elizabeth SP Bargaining Team at Ricky restaurant

*June 14 Ice Cream truck for SP members (as part of Public Service week)


Upcoming Events:

*Information Session on proposed SP Collective Agreement.  It is tentatively scheduled for July 10 & 11, subject to availability of guest speaker. And will be at lunchtime and/or dinner.  The presentation on the proposed SP Collective Agreement will be by either a member of the SP Bargaining team and/or SP Group Executive; and answer any questions; the ballots for the vote on the proposed agreement, will be distributed in July 2019.


*Pride parade – Executive resolved to spend up to $300 to purchase rainbow colored beads, to make necklaces to be distributed by PIPSC at pride parade; 


*Labour Day in September at Jack Poole Plaza.


Action Item: President (T Evans) will follow up on who is available to participate in the Pride parade day and the Labour Day.  Eric Crawford to ask Karen Hall if she has any items (PIPSC promotional) for distribution at either of these events.


*Vancouver SP Sub Group AGM (tentatively, in January 2020)

In private room downstairs in White Spot on Dunsmuir Street on a Monday or Thursday night (subject to availability) in middle of Jan 2019 ; Action: President to check availability


  1. Other Business – plan (tentatively) for a SP Sub Group Lunch and learn at 800 Burrard Street.


  1. Next Executive Meeting : Ricky’s restaurant @ 5:30 pm on a Thursday in Sept 2019.


  1. Adjournment @ 8:15 pm