The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Vancouver Sub-Group of SP Group, PIPSC
Wednesday, January 24 2018 5:30- 8:30 pm
White Spot Restaurant, 405 Dunsmuir St.  Vancouver BC

Simon Cowell, President; Jan 2019
Denis Semail, Vice President; Jan 2019
Timothy Powers, Treasurer; Term of office expires Jan 2018 - Regrets
Kathy Kerr, Secretary; Jan 2019
Sammy Li, Member at large; Jan 2019
Tanya Evans, Member at large; Term of office expires Jan 2018 – Regrets

Guest Speaker (pre-AGM)
BC Yukon Regional Director (Rob MacDonald)
Provided overview of ongoing problems with Phoenix & summarized highlights of PIPSC strategy to address Phoenix:

  • notify local PIPSC ERO of problems with Phoenix – as PIPSC is tracking issues;
  • Lionel Sinyoguruza, ERO –Phoenix
  • Lionel monitors PIPSC site (currently over 1000 cases)  
  • PIPSC is filing grievances about Phoenix & escalating
  • PIPSC is providing interest free loans to members in financial difficulty;
  • PIPSC website provides details about these interest free loans;
  • PIPSC has been at the forefront of media campaign about Phoenix;
  • PIPSC President (Deb Daviau) has been pushing to look at alternatives & use PIPSC CS’s
  • In PIPSC view – Phoenix is an example of “contracting out” gone bad;  
  • Utilizing tools of collective agreements, in addition to individual grievances to address Phoenix
  • PIPSC has filed policy grievances;
  • PIPSC is seeking more time for Stewards to represent members;
  • Accolades to Eddie Gillis & his staff and to our PIPSC President, D Daviau ;
  • if you have problems, go to the PIPSC website & to PIPSC ERO.

1)    Call to Order @ 18:15 hr

2)    Introductions by S Cowell of:
a)    SP Sub Group Executive (listed above)

b) Guest Speakers:
Rob MacDonald, BC Yukon BC Regional Director (pre-AGM presentation) – Phoenix
Thomas Landry, President, SP Group – Bargaining Strategy for upcoming round

c) Elections Committee:
Dennis Semail (Chair) Sammy Li, Kathy Kerr

3)    Approval of Agenda m/s J Hartman/ S Li; Carried

4)    Approval of draft minutes of January 25 2017 SP SG AGM:
Motion to approve draft January 25 2017 minutes; m/s K Hall/D Semail ; Carried

Action Item:     K Kerr to request that PIPSC post Jan 25 2017 SP SG AGM minutes

Dennis Semail announced the # of positions available for election for SP Sub Group Executive;
He made the first (of 3 calls) for nominations:
There were two nominations from the floor:
  Tim Powers, retired member (who had accepted nomination, as not present tonight)
 Tanya Evans; Health Canada Burnaby (who had previously accepted nomination, not present tonight)

5)    Business Arising from the minutes: By law changes
     Simon Cowell followed up with PIPSC By law’s Committee for the status of the changes approved a couple of years ago at a SP Sub group AGM.  Those changes to the By laws have not been implemented yet;

Action Item:     Simon Cowell to follow up with By laws Committee, and will copy our SP Group President, Thomas Landry;

6)    Report of the President of SP Sub Group– Simon Cowell
Attached is the “2017 President’s report – SP Vancouver Sub Group AGM” provided by Simon Cowell.  Summarizing some of the highlights such as: a) New SP Collective agreement in 2017; b) Frustration with Phoenix expanded to include errors made when implementing new collective agreement; c) this year (2018) is start of the next round of negotiations for SP collective agreement; d) the local events, Lunch & learns and Coffee, were successful and Simon encourages our members to arrange for more of these type of events in their work place; e) a new SP Sub Group was formed last year at 401 Burrard Street last year; and f) Simon thanked the Stewards; PIPSC staff; President Debi Daviau; Regional Director, Rob McDonald; Vancouver branch president, Karen Hall; and his SP Sub Group Executive; and the SP Group Executive.

Dennis Semail , Chair Elections Committee made a 2nd call for nominations from the floor;
Two additional names were nominated:
 Jacqueline Oddi, Health Canada Burnaby (accepted nomination) ; and
 Eric Crawford, Transport Canada (accepted nomination)

7)    Treasurer’s Report:
Simon presented the Financial Statement and the Budget (2018)
 m/s: Jacqueline Oddi/Dennis Semail ; Carried

8)    Report of Elections Committee – Dennis Semail, Chair
Semail made a 3rd and final call for nominations from the floor;
(no additional nominations)

Dennis Semail declared that the following members were acclaimed to the SP Sub Executive:

 Tim Powers, retired member
 Tanya Evans; Health Canada Burnaby
  Jacqueline Oddi, Health Canada Burnaby; and
  Eric Crawford, Transport Canada

9)    Other business: none

SP SG Group AGM ADJOURNED at 7:07 pm  m/s Andrew Robinson/Sammy Li; Carried

Guest Speakers:

Janice Boyd –     provided presentation for Bobby Sekhon on new sub group formed last year at 400 Burrard Street

Thomas Landry, President SP Group:  

  • A new wellness package is being negotiated;
  • Sub groups are critical to SP Group;
  • Conference calls are held on a regular basis with Presidents & Vice President’s of sub groups to convey information about bargaining, and subjects discussed at SP Group Executive meetings;
  •  Bargaining (last round) – new articles on Scientific integrity; and derail the attack on sick leave;
  •  This round he suspects bargaining will include focusing on the issue of “de-professionalism”
  •  Thomas summarized some of the highlights of the new Collective Agreement negotiated last year;
  •  For the new round of negotiations, the SP Group may be considering an option of a short expedited bargaining round to conclude prior to the fall 2019 elections.
  • PIPSC President, Debi Daviau, has been taking time to develop relationships with Treasury Board and politicians; (lobbying);
  • SP Group will have a bargaining team which will, based on our Negotiator Suzelle, have the same # of members on it as last year; Enzo is the bargaining co-ordinator; there will be a call for the negotiation team; a new bargaining team for SP will be selected in mid- April ;
  • Elections are upcoming for National pool – 2 for NCR and 3 across Canada
  • Thomas answered members questions about the collective agreement; the bargaining process; and the proposed new wellness program being negotiated; and the extended medical and dental (NJC)
  • Thomas encourages members to check the SP Group PIPSC site on a regular basis, and to attend Lunch & Learn and other events put on by their local SP Sub Group.