South Saskatchewan SP Subgroup Executive Meeting

Friday, February 28, 2019

11:45 am

Fat Badger Restaurant

852 Scarth Street, Regina, SK


Name Employer E-mail

Rolfe Antonowitsch, President AAFC

Leanne Lumb-Collett, Vice President DFO

Laura Poppy, Member-at-Large AAFC

Dave Braun, Secretary DFO

  1. Opening of meeting and approval of agenda

Meeting called to order by Rolfe at 11:59.

Approved the agenda with no changes, motioned by Laura, seconded by Leanne.

  1. Review and approval of minutes from February 8, 2019 meeting

Approved the minutes with no changes, motioned by Laura, seconded by Leanne.

  1. Action Items (See February 8, 2019 minutes)

Rolfe emailed PIPSC about new executive and their corresponding roles.

Dave to send a photocopy of identification (ID) (drivers license and DFO ID card) to Dan Ingram.

  1. Transfer of files for Treasurer and Secretary

Dave and Patrick Cherneski to meet and transfer files Secretary duties and transfer files.

Naeem and Dan to meet and transfer files for Treasurer.

  1. Review of Executive member roles – discussion.

Treasurer duties will be transferred to Dave if Naeem leaves before his term ends.

  1. Sub-group activity planning for 2019 – discussion

Lunch and Learn to be planned for late April or early May. Dave to send out Doodle poll to coordinate a date for the Lunch and Learn.

  1. Other Business

Leanne informed us of a PIPSC information session occurring on February 28, 2019 at the Alvin Hamilton Building in Regina, SK focusing on the “Do Better” campaign.

Leanne to send more information to the Executives about the information session.

  1. Next Meeting

Dave will schedule the next executive meeting to occur roughly one week before the Lunch and Learn. The meeting will take place in April or May of 2019.


  • Dave to send a doodle poll within the next two weeks to help pick the date and time. Lunch-hour preferred.

Rolfe motioned to adjourn, Dave seconded, adjourned 12:57.