SP NCR Sub-Group Annual General Meeting

Date: 27 November (Wednesday), 2019

Time: 6 PM

Location: Sheraton Hotel (Salon E, 2nd Floor), 150 Albert Street, Ottawa

The AGM is your forum to provide direction to your Executive to advance your interests and exchange union matters in general. The AGM is an opportunity for members to elect their representatives, meet, exchange views with their elected representatives and get briefing on union matters in general.


1. Welcome Remarks

2. Introduction of Executive Members

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Adoption of the 2018 AGM Minutes  

5. Update on Sub-Group 2019 Activities

6. Update on 2019 Finances & Approval of 2020 Budget

7. Elections

8. Adjournment

Better Together

SP-NCR Executive

Please send your Registration requests to Sushil Dixit (Sushil.Dixit@canada.ca) by November 22, 2019. For submitting nominations for election, please contact Shamil shamil.cathum@canada.ca

Note: A complimentary buffet dinner will be served.


Registration Form

SP NCR Sub-Group - Annual General Meeting on 27 November 2019 (6 PM)


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Please email this registration form to Sushil Dixit (Sushil.Dixit@canada.ca) by November 22, 2019.