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L'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada

  Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP)

Sciences appliquées et examen des brevets (SP)


SP-NCR Sub-Group Annual General Meeting

Sheraton Hotel, Penthouse A & B, 17th Floor, 150 Albert Street, Ottawa

December 5, 2018; 18:00 – 21:30 Hrs







Sushil Dixit, President

Waheed Khan, Secretary

Shamil Cathum, Treasurer

Stefan Palko, Member-at-Large

Aruna Dixit, Member-at-Large

Norma Domey, Member-at-Large

Joanne Papineau, Member-at-Large

Tariq Francis, Member-at-Large


Mike Farbod, Vice President


Welcome Remarks – Sushil Dixit

Sushil Dixit, President of the SP NCR Sub Group, welcomed all participants and outlined the logistics for this AGM.  


Introduction of the Executive Members

Sushil introduced the Sub-Group Executive Members and thanked them for their contribution to organizing a large number of activities during the year.


Approval of the Agenda

Sushil introduced the Agenda and the motion to accept the agenda was carried (motion to accept by Sylvain Savard, seconded by Tahir Mahdi).


Adoption of the 2017 AGM minutes

The minutes of the 2017 AGM were accepted (motion by Shamil Cathum, seconded by Mary Jane Kelleher).


Update on Finances & Approval of 2019 Budget

Shamil presented the Treasurer Report for 2018 and proposed budget for 2019. He answered questions from the floor. After discussion, a motion to accept the Budget of 2019 was carried. The Executive thanked Shamil for his diligence in maintaining finances which contributed to the sound financial health of the sub-group.


Report on SP-NCR SG Activities in 2018

Sushil highlighted a number of activities organized by the Sub-Group during the year. He said that 2018 has been a very busy year for the SG and 2019 is expected to be busier. We organized 8 lunch and learn and networking events to mobilize members for the next round of Bargaining, since the current Collective Agreement expired on October 1, 2018.

He also highlighted the important work of developing model Scientific Integrity Policy for Departments and Agencies employing 10 or more SP and/or RE members. He also mentioned significant work underway to develop an Employee Wellness Support Program by PIPSC.

Phoenix continues to cause significant problems for our members, and TBS failed to pay retroactive pay to our members. PIPSC has been putting pressure on the Government to resolve the pay issues of our members. PIPSC has concluded that the current Phoenix is beyond repair and has asked the Government to work on developing a new pay system that works.


Update on Employee Wellness Support Program - Waheed

Waheed Khan, Secretary of the SP-NCR Sub-Group outlined the key elements of the Memoranda of Agreement to develop an Employee Wellness Support Program. He informed the participants about the PIPSC structure that is developing EWSP. This includes a Steering Committee, an Advisory Team, and a Technical Committee.

He explained that once the EWSP documents are fully developed and translated, the package would be brought to members by each Group, including SP Group, for ratification. If members ratify the EWSP, it will be included in the Collective Agreement. Until such time, there will be no change to our existing sick leave system. He also answered several questions from the participants, and took note of the priorities of members.


Science Advisory Committee – Norma

Norma Domey, Member of the PIPSC Science Advisory Committee provided an update on the activities of the Committee. She said that PIPSC Board of Directors has approved the Committee’s workplan focusing on its priorities. She informed the participants that the SAC is focusing on improving the representation of women in science positions.


Adjournment of AGM

The AGM was adjourned at 21:30 hrs (Motion to adjourn by Pierre Tourigny, seconded by Souad El Ouakfaoui).



Waheed Khan


SP-NCR Sub-Group

(819) 938-3752