Nanaimo SP Sub Group Minutes of 2017 AGM

October 3, 2018

ABC Country restaurant, Nanaimo, BC

1. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 18:00.  Ten members were present, including executive members Dan Leus, Sean MacConnachie, Mary Thiess, Linda Nichol, Lyse Godbout, John Candy, Nick Leone. Guests were Judith LeBlanc (PIPSC National Consultation Team President DFO, Biologist Québec Region)), Rob MacDonald (BC Yukon Regional Director) and Jennifer Mollins (IDW AV Subgroup President, PIPSC Branch Executive, Steward)

Absent executive members: Linnea Flostrand   Note: it was noted that this was an exceptionally low attendance and it was also noted that many of the executive had been away through the summer and through September for field work, and thus the level of effort to notify and remind members about the meeting was impacted.

2. Approval of Agenda – There were no additions to the agenda. Motion to accept the Minutes: Nick Leone/Sean MacConnachie, Passed.

3. Adoption of Minutes from 2016 AGM – Motion to accept the Minutes: Nick Leone/Linda Nichol, Passed.

4. Report from the President – The year in review was presented see attached report.

5. Annual Financial Report – Review of Annual financial report: see attached.

Guest Regional Director wished to acknowledge & commented on the comprehensive & professional format of the Nanaimo SP-subgroup’s Financial Report as prepared by Treasurer Mary Thiess. Motion to accept the report as presented: John Candy/Lyse Godbout, Passed. 

6. Guest Speakers

Judith LeBlanc  spoke about the need to get involved to communicate issues of importance that should be considered by our bargaining team. Some regions/ groups are more vocal than others.  As we enter the first phase of bargaining for a new collective agreement (current one expired September 30th 2018), showing support to the bargaining team is important. Late October will be first face-to-face with Treasury Board (representatives for the employer).

In addition, Judith reported that an improvement to helping resolve Phoenix pay issues for affected employees will be coming February 2019.

Robert MacDonald spoke about Phoenix. PIPSC has worked hard and pushed for a replacement of Phoenix rather than trying to fix Phoenix in the face of the growing pay issue fiasco that continues. The employer is now moving to development of a new pay system. Robert also spoke of the importance of member engagement and reminding employees/PIPSC members not to be complacent particularly with another federal election happening soon.  The current federal government tabled Bill C27 in October of 2016 that seeks to make changes to the Pensions Benefits Standards Act would allow federally regulated private sector and Crown Corporation employers to replace the current Defined Benefit pension plan with a lesser pension plan. Should this pass, extending this to Federal Public Servants could be a next step, and the change would be applied retroactively affecting retired Federal Public Servants as well.

Jennifer Mollins,  President of the North Central Vancouver Island (NCVI) PIPSC branch suggested ways to engage with more PIPSC members as a way for  broader coordination and opportunities amongst PIPSC Subgroups including Nanaimo  given the relatively small memberships & commonality of issues. Specifically she suggested  the Nanaimo SP subgroup collaborate with the NCVI branch on events and even AGMs. The idea was received well.

The guest speakers’ presentations resulted in considerable  discussion pertaining to members awareness, engagement & need for recruitment that arose during and after the guest speaker presentations  and was a key, integrated theme throughout the evening.

7. Election of President, and Treasurer – Dan Leus was acclaimed as President (2 year term), and Mary Thiess was acclaimed as Treasurer (2 year term).

8. Appointment of Members-at-Large –Lyse Godbout, John Candy, Nick Leone, Linnea Flostrand were appointed as Members-at-Large. These are a one-year terms.  

9. Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 20:30


Report from the President

(since last AGM – March 2017): Year in review

- Dan noted that he had attended the PIPSC AGM (Ottawa) - Nov 2017, the SP AGM (Ottawa) – May 2017, and the SP AGM (Ottawa) - April 2018.  Dan led a recommendation to Debbie Daviau to increase 

resources and assign a  lead on Phoenix cases. The PIPSC president listened and subsequently assigned a PIPSC employee relations officer to Phoenix pay issues only a couple of weeks later

PIPSC has now posted a steward Phoenix grievance toolkit to help stewards dealing with Phoenix grievances for members.

Dan has participated in quarterly UMCC’s with Laura Brown (South Coast) – OSH and safety for field staff.  In addition topics discussed with Science director Carmel Lowe include employee burn out, improving the employee onboarding process to make sure new employees know who the PIPSC stewards are.

Dan noted that the SP subgroup has participated in several Phoenix Rallies organized by our local PSAC colleagues downtown.

Several lunch (breakfast) and Learns occurred in 2017. These included:

            Rob MacDonald - Nov 2017: PIPSC Better Together

            AV presentation IDW– Dec 2017: update on PIPSC AGM

            Employee wellness program – June 2018: Updates to new sick leave proposal

The Nanaimo SP subgroup supported the annual Children’s Christmas Party

Current issues of focus:    

  • OSH/lack of local and regional support
  • At DFO we have been asked to do more with less for more than 10 years. The result is burnout, stress leave. It persists because staff and supervisors are not feeling supported to speak truth to power or power is not listening to the truth?
  • Meanwhile and perhaps in response there is a growing awareness and training regarding Mental health, but there may still be a long way to go to do more than talk about it.

Dan Leus

October 3, 2018

Nanaimo SP Sub-Group

Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting

When:              Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 5:30-7:30pm

Where:                        ABC Country Restaurant, 6671 Mary Ellen Drive, Nanaimo, Ph:(250) 390-4064

Dinner will be served Buffet style or you can use the menu. The cost of the meal is covered by the Sub-group exclusive of alcoholic drinks.  If you plan to attend, please contact Mary Thiess at  or Linda Nichol

Elections for the positions of President and Treasurer (2-year terms) will be held and nominations for all Member-at-Large positions (1-year terms) will be conducted. Nominations may be sent to the Elections Officer, Nick Leone, by email at Nominations may also be made at the meeting.

The draft Minutes from the 2017 AGM will be moved for adoption at this AGM.  They are available for your review at:

Please forward additional agenda items to Dan Leus by COB Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018.



5:30pm - Meet and greet

6pm - Call to Order

Roll Call of Executive

Approval of Agenda

Adoption of Minutes from 2017 AGM

Business Arising from the Minutes

Report from the President

Annual Financial Report from the Treasurer

Guest Speakers:

  1. Judith Leblanc (PIPSC Nat. Consultation Team President DFO, Biologist Québec Region)
    1. Contract negotiations – how does it work and how are priorities set
  2. Robert MacDonald (BC Yukon Regional Director)
    1. Phoenix and possible new pay system
  3. Jennifer Mollins (IDW AV Subgroup President, PIPSC Branch Executive, Steward)
    1. PIPSC branch collaboration with SP Subgroup

Election of President, and Treasurer

Appointment of Members-at-Large

Other new business


7:30pm - Adjournment


Nanaimo SP sub Group AGM

October 3, 2018

Attendance List

  1. Linda Nichol
  2. Mary Thiess
  3. Dan Leus
  4. John Candy
  5. Janet Mossman
  6. Sean MacConnachie
  7. Chrys Neville
  8. Nick Leone
  9. Lisa Christensen
  10. Rob Houtman
  11. Lyse Godbout