Sub-Group Name Change

Receiving this message means that you are a member of the PIPSC SP Halifax Sub-Group.

Our Sub-Group includes all Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP) members (AC, AG, BI, CH, FO, MT, PC, SG-SRE or SG-PAT) from four of the Atlantic Branches, covering all of mainland Nova Scotia:

  • Greenwood
  • Halifax
  • Halifax DND
  • Kentville

Your Executive is proposing to change the name of the Sub-Group to better reflect our geographic scope.  We are seeking Sub-Group name ideas and ask that you please send your suggestion(s) to any member of our SP Halifax Sub-Group Executive.  We will vote on your name suggestions at our Sub-Group Annual General Meeting in May. The AGM is open to all Sub-Group members.

Thank you for your attention,

Your SP Halifax Sub-Group Executive

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