50 Victoria Street SP sub-group

Minutes for executive meeting

Sept 16, 2021 – 12 to 1 pm


Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Mary Murphy, Celine Fletcher, Maria Salazar, Adel El Hamad, Mazen Hijazi, Hassan Bayaa, Reginald Linco (left early)

Absent: Akid Azfar

Opening of meeting – Approval of Agenda


1 - Approval of agenda

2 - Approval of previous minutes


4 - SP AGM

5 - 50 Victoria St AGM

5a - Zoom on work laptops

5b - Email to subgroup members

6 - Bargaining update

7 - Ideas on spending money

8 - Drop in meeting

9 – TdT

10 - Next meeting date


  1. Approval of Agenda
    • Marcel added Tour de Table (item 9 above)
  2. Approval of  July 8th, 2021 executive meeting minutes
    • Amount of $1100? Phoenix payout of $1000 plus $100 for delay.
    • Previous Action items:
      • Zoom on work computers: IT asked us please do not, as could cause problems. Please use Teams.
      • Marcel email to members about AGM/elections: He has sent exec draft email.
        • Re: SG5’s. Marcel copied what was received from Donald Lefevbre. Grievance is over, but review was started and then put on hold. No answers right now.


    • Next one: 5-6 November. We should have received invitation email about delegates. We will find out about how many spots we have, as delegate/observer. Deadline is 15 October.
    • Motion from SP Exec re: preventing retired members running (for BOD?) if active member in region. Retired members would have to approve this with 2/3 majority (no chance), so expected to rescind the motion.
    • In previous years anyone could submit motions, but with virtual platform this has been limited. 
    • Beginning of October we’ll see motions.


  1. SP AGM
    • 27th November at Delta in Ottawa. Hybrid format.
    • Got request in early but made it clear that contingent on hybrid format.
    • Cap? 50 attending including exec. Requires double vaccination.
    • Info on call-out.
    • More people going? By-laws stipulate numbers of attendees. NCR gets 19 delegates total. Would need modification to by-laws. Re: observers, we usually get two. We spent our own money to send in the past and PIPSC never charged us.
    • Guest: an epidemiologist from U of O
    • Motion: Marcel - two observers to attend, if in person, funded by 50 Victoria St. subgroup. Seconded: Celine. Approved.
  1. 50 Victoria AGM
  • Discussion of guest speaker. Decided speaker should be separate from AGM as would eat up time.
  • Going on assumption no one will run but should hold it for presenting budget. Other positions besides Pres and VP are up for election this year.
  • Message from PIPSC: hold it if you want but, if not, figure it out later.
  • Mary will draft budget – same as before.
  • Enzo Barressi (Bargaining Coordinator) as possible speaker - could give updates on next round, who’s on bargaining team. Our contract expires in just over a year.
  • PIPSC BOD discussing Central Table y/n?
    • CS Group (soon IT Group) contract ends this year.
  • Date? Late Nov./early Dec.


  1. Bargaining Update
    • Suzelle Brosseau/David ?
    • SP Exec meeting next week.
    • Legally no more than four months after expiry.
    • Survey to come around X-mas/spring. Bargaining beginning around spring 2023 is best guess.


  1. Ideas on spending money
    • Postponed .
    • Action: See Adel’s email on items. He will resend.


  1. Drop-In
    • Discussed need for it. AGM will serve same purpose, so can wait.
    • In email, ask people if they have questions.
    • Actions:         
      • Marcel: reach out to Enzo
      • Marcel & Reg: topics for next meeting


  1. Round Table
    • Nothing.


  1.  Next Meeting
    • 27 October